Greypreneurs put business before nomad pleasure

Published: June 14, 2015

New research has indicated that increasing numbers of grey nomads may be foregoing the pleasures of the open road in order to launch their own businesses.

The Bankwest Business Trends Report has revealed that the rise of the ‘greypreneurs’ is havig a serious impact on the business landscape of Australia. There has been a 6.6% spike in business ownership among those aged 65 and older, accounting for 7400 additional businesses over the past year.

The study says there are now about 118,900 businesses owned by those of retirement age, many started by older Australians feeling the financial pinch of high costs of living and lower returns on deposits.

Bankwest chief economist Alan Langford said there was no doubt that the ‘greypreneurs’ were a new force in business.

He said that some people who had retired, or intended to retire are “maybe partly out of necessity, staying in the workforce and setting themselves up as a sole trader”.

The report looks at trends based on data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force survey.

  • Have you considered starting your own business instead of / as well as travelling? Have you encountered some ‘greypreneurs’ on the road? Comment below.






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7 years ago

“Work” a filthy four letter word.

7 years ago

It’s fairly common to see greypreneurs in caravan parks as you travel around with signs out at the site for haircuts, home made jewellery, knitted products, caravan repairs etc and don’t forget the ones who are self employed doing maintenance around the Caravan parks.


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