Fears grow over presence of crocs near campers

Published: May 7, 2015

Concerns over saltwater crocodiles potentially coming into contact with campers in northern Australia continue to grow.

After news this week that a 4.3-metre croc was trapped near a Northern Territory caravan park, authorities in WA’s Kimberley region have announced they are stepping up efforts to stop the ‘salties’ threatening locals and tourists.

The ABC reports that rangers have re-deployed traps near the Fitzroy River in a bid to capture one monster crocodile that has been lurking in the Telegraph Pool area. It is believed to be up to five metres in length.

The same traps were used on Sunday to catch a 3.6-metre crocodile which had been “harassing people camping at Telegraph Pool”.

Rangers and locals fear there are at least two bigger, more dangerous crocodiles, ranging from four to five metres, that are still roaming the region.

Last month, a 2.8-metre crocodile was shot and killed at Lake Kununurra, a popular recreation area for water skiers, boaters and swimmers.

“We don’t want to remove all the crocs from the system,” Peter Carstairs, from the Department of Parks and Wildlife told the ABC. “We want to conserve the species and only remove the crocs which are deemed to be a problem.”

Locals say the crocodile problem has this year been particularly bad.

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Bill Melchert
7 years ago

Like snakes, it is very difficult to determine what is a “safe” croc or a baddie. When they are hungry there is no such thing as a “safe” croc so please remove anything that inhabits waterholes or creeks where humans congregate. Or stop the humans from using such places. There is no coexistence between humans and crocs. Cheers, Bill


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