He wanted go boating. She wanted to go caravanning!

Published: March 31, 2015

A British holidaymaker has been raising a few eyebrows with his bizarre floating caravan creation.

According to local media reports, an elderly man fixed his caravan to the base of a catamaran because his wife liked caravanning but hated travelling on a boat.

The craft which has an engine on the back can now regularly be seen cruising along the River Swale in Kent, although it remains unclear whether the owner’s wife has been persuaded to take to the water after all.

Locals say the owner of the unusual craft is a keen boatman in his ‘70s or 80s’ who lives in nearby Sittingbourne.

“I believe the owner is a gentleman whose wife doesn’t like boats but does like caravans,” the landlord of the local pub, Derek Cole, told Kent Online. “So he decided to kill two birds with one stone and just attached the caravan to a float. I have seen it a few times on the river.”

* What’s the most unusual rig you’ve seen on the road (or in the water)? Comment below.

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Bill Riches
7 years ago

How about an early bus sitting on a couple of large pontoons. This craft is based in Scotts creek by Morgan on the Murray River


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