Grey nomads warned to expect extreme heatwave

Published: November 25, 2020
grey nomads to be ready for heatwave

Grey nomads are being warned that a severe heatwave will sweep over much of the country next week.

Meteorologists say a 4,500-kilometre conveyor belt of scorching weather stretching from Broome all the way to the country’s south east could prove ‘dangerous’.

“There’s a big build-up of heat in a belt stretching from Broome to Canberra,” Dr James Goldie from Monash University’s Climate Change Communications Research Hub told “Once we get to Thursday that will start to kick in across the south and east and peak on the weekend.”

While he said it was unlikely the 50C barrier would quite be broken in coming days, Dr Goldie said it would still be an ‘exceptional’ heatwave event. with some places experiencing multiple days in the mid-40s.

“November heatwaves are first out of the gate and that can leave people flat footed as our bodies are not yet adapted to it physically and we can underestimate the effects,” he said. “It’s the transition season; that’s when people think it’s not dangerous and that’s when they make mistakes.”

Dr Goldie said people needed to ensure they didn’t do ‘silly things’ in the upcoming heat, and warned that heat stress could be an issue.

Regional Victoria will get up to a scorching 44C on Saturday in Swan Hill, and 42C in Bendigo and Wangaratta. Echuca and Kerang have been identified as Victorian towns that could break their all-time monthly heat records. Kerang’s record November high of 44C, set in 2012.

Broken Hill, Dubbo, Mildura, Griffith, Forbes and Hay are all forecast for 40C from the end of the week onward.

Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney are all also said to be in the crosshairs of the blistering conditions which are being created by a large high-pressure system in the Tasman Sea that’s dragging that hot air from mainly northern Western Australia south and eastwards.

  • How do you cope when the weather gest seriously warm? Comment below.
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1 year ago

How can anyone take these climate change ‘experts’ seriously when they go and ‘correct’ or ‘compensate’ past historical temperatures to suite their own agendas?

Australia has always been a hot place in summer and yes everybody should be mindful of it. And yes the climate is, and always has been changing, even before Adam had lust in his loins for Eve.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zol

Zol, 100 % correct. The only climate changes that exist are: summer to Autumn, Autumn to winter, winter to spring and spring to summer.

1 year ago

Ray and Zol are so correct. Climate changes/warming are excuses for shortfalls and price hikes, where someone pays and is always the consumer being conned with many not questioning.
Changes in every universe has been happening since the beginning of time..we now just happen to be witnessing one of the monument changes in our universe as it is happening right now. seeing planets travelling to areas they haven’t been for many centuries..of course no one was around then to witness those changes. Change is about us every moment as we live in change, injoy it while we can.


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