Be careful out there … it’s an east coast scorcher!

Published: December 13, 2016
Grey nomads heat

For grey nomads travelling along the east coast at the moment, there are only three words that can describe the weather they can expect in coming days … hot, hot, hot!

The mercury soared across in major capitals today, with Sydney and Adelaide expected to hit 36C,  Melbourne 34C, and Canberra 33C.

John Turnbull, from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Extreme Weather Desk, told AAP that hot, dry winds drawn down from northern Australia were causing the temperature spikes.

‘The change will move through South Australia today and Victoria tonight with milder conditions for both states tomorrow,’ he said.  ‘Sydney and Canberra will be warm to hot today and tomorrow and cooler by Thursday.’

Sydney is facing its hottest back-to-back days in a decade, with the mercury forecast to again climb to 39C tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the hot weather has led to total fire bans being declared across 10 districts in South Australia, seven in NSW, and three in Victoria.

A stronger wind is expected to increase the risk of bushfire fires in NSW, with the Rural Fire Service declaring total fire bans across much of the state.

With temperatures forecast to reach the early 40s in parts of South Australia, the Country Fire Service expects severe conditions across the North West Pastoral area to the Murraylands.

Firefighters are still working to control a bushfire burning out of control on 3300 hectares of land between the Nullarbor Roadhouse in South Australia and the Western Australian border. Late last week, the blaze caused the temporary closure of the Eyre Highway, disrupting the travel plans of many.

Grey nomads are urged to adjust behaviour and activities to suit conditions, and to keep well hydrated and as cool as possible.

·         How do you cope with on-the-road heatwaves? Comment below.

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