Holiday traffic is slow … let’s blame grey nomads

Published: April 7, 2015

The Easter weekend was a busy one on our roads, and the almost inevitable encounters with slow moving traffic left some in-a-hurry holidaymakers frustrated and angry.

Despite calls from police for motorists to exercise patience and allow plenty of time for their journeys, many were eager to heap blame for any traffic snarl-ups on an easy target … the grey nomad!

And, as usual, newspaper columnists were quick to jump on the anti-grey nomad bandwagon.

Nicolle Flint from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph was clearly enraged that a ‘conga-line of caravans’ wanted to use the same road as she did.

“Even though the road conditions were excellent, the grey nomads were all driving 30km/hr under the speed limit,” she wrote. “In the 100km zones they were driving 70km/hr. In the 110km zones they were driving 80km/hr.”

After pontificating about various ways to solve the ‘problem, Ms Flint decided a ‘forceful approach’ was best.

“Perhaps the government could set up point-to-point cameras to monitor grey nomad speeds,” she said. “They could ensure they’re not slowing those of us down who are trying to go about our business and keep the economy growing to pay for the nomads’ future health care needs.”

Ms Flint was particularly enraged by motorists’ apparent failure to leave a ‘reasonable ‘distance between them and the car they were following.

“Perhaps the grey nomads (and all those other slow moving vehicles out there) could do something very simple,” she said. “They could all leave enough space between them and the vehicle in front of them, so that people like me can pass them one by one.”

While some might say that poor driving habits are not restricted to one age group, one type of driver, or one gender, Ms Flint disagreed.

“There’s an ever-growing breed of caravan user — some 25% of the caravan population — whose travel habits are far less predictable and far more frustrating for every day road users,” she wrote. “Yes, grey nomads, I’m talking about you.”

*Does Ms Flint have a point? Do you think grey nomads travel too close to vehicles in front? Is travelling too slow as bad as travelling too fast? Comment below.




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7 years ago

“Perhaps the grey nomads (and all those other slow moving vehicles out there) could do something very simple,” she said. “They could all leave enough space between them and the vehicle in front of them, so that people like me can pass them one by one.”
– Quoted from “”Nicolle Flint from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph””

I actually find this comment to be dumb.. In the above mentioned situation. Who is it in front of the grey nomad that is SLOWING traffic..?

It’s definitely not the grey nomad as they seem to be in the same boat as the traffic in front of Them…

So going on her ill[logic]al comment she wants the grey nomads to slow down even more, so that they can leave a space for the traffic behind to jump into…..

Does she have a brain..? and did she have a read of what she wrote..

Frances Mason
7 years ago

Typical!!! As soon as there is a group name given to people they can then become a target for others to point to and blame for the actions of the few. I am a retired caravanner. One of many using the roads. Some are slower and more cautious than others; some are faster and less cautious. Some do the right thing and others do not. I dislike the narrow-minded attitude of those who consider themselves part of the majority pointing their ill-thought remarks at an entire minority group and blaming everyone they consider to be part of that group.

Wrinklie Rambler
7 years ago

MS Flint get a life.Life is too short to allow frustrations to take over. I drive a Motorhome at the speed limit so as not to interfere with other road users. A car will come up and safe or not will pass me meaning I must brake and slow down. Classic incident on Easter Sunday driving home from our weekend away a little car tried 3 times to pass me finally managed going down hill to complete the passing, came around a corner and lo and behold a police woman beckoned him to pull over. His pocket may have been a bit lighter. So we are not all inconsiderate. The easiest remedy for your pea brain is to leave a little earlier and show some patience…..

7 years ago

From my discussion with other GN’s most of us were planning to get well away from the popular holiday spots so the easter travellers had the roads to themselves.

7 years ago

I have just this afternoon returned to our home in Busselton W A after a nine month round Australia trip. we found that in most states it wasn’t the grey Nomads with caravans that slowed us down it was the camper van brigade, wicked vans and juicy vans full of overseas backpackers, all driving at the most economical speed to stretch their dollar further.
I found them to be a right pain and they won’t pull over to let anyone pass. As for Nicole Flint she is a moron and a very typical journalist who really doesn’t think before she writes an article

7 years ago

Reads like a second rate article froma second rate author.

Bill Riches
7 years ago

Where does this woman get her unbelievable info from. I agree there are some drivers ( not always) Grey nomads who need shunting off the road. But she states van weights of 1500kg. Not too many of those around these days. She also fails to mention speed limits for vehicles towing over 750 kgs being less than normal road speed. Perhaps she was just suffering from the blood moon the other night.. Cheers, Bill

David Single
7 years ago

I spent a fair bit of the Easter weekend travelling the roads in NSW, no caravan this time. Found every time we where held up it was not a grey nomad but a older person doing 20 to 30 below speed limit. This of course made it hard for people to get past particularly if you had a van on behind.
When we ran into a group of vans, they needed more space between them as we had to overtake 2 at one time as there was not a lot space between the vans, which is unsafe as there really was not enough space to react to a emergency. They where travelling 10 below speed limit which not a problem. So watch out for the slow moving cars holding everyone else up

Excited nomad to be
7 years ago

I find this article stupid.. I find this woman Stupid!
I am certainly not a Nomad yet, but I am looking forward to the day when I get that honor so now while I still have a few years to become one I am learning from the “Nomads ” who have being here for a lot longer than myself. Listening to the stories I have being told about their travelling experiences drivers such as yourself Ms Flint come up and how they have to adapt their driving behaviors to accommodate you on the road.
I would rather be behind a Nomad than a P Plater .
Come on leave them alone be patient and remember you will get there one day Ms Flint and you should at least show a bit of Respect you are not setting a very good example.
Oh and if following a nomad with their freehold caravan annoys you stay home! because I can guarantee you they are not going anywhere they will continue to live the dream with or without your approval.

Excited Nomad to be

7 years ago

Ms Flint, me thinks you are a P plater. If not you might well be one again soon.

John Christopher
7 years ago

This silly woman doesn’t know she’s born. Try getting past slow vehicles in a large RV/car trailer combo – total length 55 feet. I need about two km to get past a vehicle driving 20km/h slower – going down hill (forget it going uphill)! The overtaking lanes are almost all uphill, and, when we come to these lanes, I usually let the conga line of smaller vehicles get past rather than hold them up further, trying to crawl uphill past the slower vehicles, which means I can be stuck behind these bozos for anything up to an hour. I do my best to let people behind me know when they have a clear and safe run to get past me, but you would be staggered how often I’m stuck behind small slow-moving vehicles who will actually speed up and match my speed on the rare occasions I do try to overtake. I’m afraid, like this so-called journalist, the are morons in all sizes of vehicles, and it isn’t always the nomads holding up the smaller cars.

7 years ago

I can tell you that this w o m a n has lost her marbles. Slow Grey Nomads travelling to close to the vehicle in front. Then therefore the vehicle in front must also be travelling slow.
In my travels I very rarely pass another car or caravan for that matter.
I travel to the road conditions and for the safety of all concerned.
This woman would be better off catching the train or the bus and therefore save yet another potential road fatality.

Faye Hunt
7 years ago

Aagh, the safety of the roads! They don’t just get past some people! Large caravans/ motorhomes, need to travel at a safe speed, due to weight, wind, rain, sunshine and dare I say road conditions. A head wind and also a side wind, can play havoc when driving the open roads. I drive to the safety of me, not the safety of other people. If a vehicle is coming up behind, I get to the left as far as I can without going off the bitumen. This gives the driver behind the right to pass safely for them, be it mad idiot drivers, road trains, other vehicles towing vans or who ever. It is their responsibility to drive as safely without causing accidents and driving to the conditions, whatever the weather or road conditions. If my slow driving irritates those behind me, perhaps you should be off the road, instead of me! I don’t need impatient drivers passing on lined and or double lined markings (as I have happened), or cutting me off, or passing at a great rate of knots. I need the respect from other users such as our intrepid so called journo, who thinks they know how to drive a heavier, larger vehicle at a speed that is not suitable to be driven at for safety.

7 years ago

Get this woman to write an article about caravan rollovers, maybe they are traveling too fast?

Neville Higgison
7 years ago

Where does Ms Flint get her data from? Maybe she should spend more time concentrating on her driving rather than on who is driving what and at what speed. An accident waiting happen I would say.

And once again friends – do not leap up and down about the content of this article. Thats what she wants. Its just another pitifull attempt at increasing the circulation of this pitiful rag. Shame on them for printing such nonsence without any reliable data to back it up. Never let rumour and half baked innuendo get in he way of a good story seems to be the go.


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