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Tropical Cyclone Heidi made landfall on the coast of Western Australia early this morning, bringing with it wild winds of up to 130km/h and torrential rain.

The full brunt of the category two cyclone’s power was felt in Port Hedland, and communities between Pardoo and Whim Creek are still on red alert.

Heidi is however expected to weaken as she moves inland.

Noel Puzey from the WA Cyclone warning centre told Sky News that Heidi crossed the coast about 10km to the east of Port Hedland, and was moving southwards. He said wind gusts were still in the 80-90km/h range, but would weaken as Heidi moved south.

Peter Widdup, who lives in a local caravan park, told Sky News that the noise from the wind and rain overnight was ‘horrendous’.

‘‘Everyone in the caravan park has their vans secured with chains and straps so you have no chance of flying away,’’ he said. “The van still shakes and rocks. The noises Heidi was making were very, very frightening.”

The Bureau of Meteorology said earlier a dangerous storm tide was predicted for coastal areas.

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