‘Waterfront site in Hobart would make ideal RV park’

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Macquarie Point Hobart for grey nomads to stay
Would this be a good spot to park the RV for a night or two?

A proposal to use a prestigious waterfront spot in Hobart as a temporary caravan park has been slammed … but those behind the idea haven’t given up on it quite yet.

The Tasmanian capital’s Lord Mayor, Ron Christie, has said he wants to see Macquarie Point, which adjoins the Hobart docks, used for recreational vehicle parking in a bid to make the city  more tourist friendly.

Alderman Christie told the ABC that Macquarie Point could accommodate overnight motorist parking until development began on the site, which has been subject to consultation and expressions of interest for the past six years.

“I can see nothing happening there for the next five to 10 years, so why not utilise that space?” he said. “If this is an option for the Macquarie Point Development Corporation to look at, I hope they do look at it and see if it’s at all possible for them to accommodate 20 or 30 of these recreational vehicles overnight for one or two nights … I’m certainly sure that those tourists would very much welcome it.”

However, the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania dismissed the idea as ‘pretty crazy’ and said it was ‘never going to happen’.

“Frankly, I think we’re starting to see some pretty alarming insights into Ron Christie’s vision for Hobart,” said the organisation’s CEO, Luke Martin. “I think Tasmanians probably have higher expectations for that prime piece of real estate than a car park.”

The criticism notwithstanding, Alderman Christie is insistent that a recreational vehicle parking area would support sustainable tourism and promote visitors from the mainland coming to Hobart.

“They’re here to enjoy the hospitality, service and history of our great city, so why not embrace them?” he told the ABC.  “These tourists like to be located in an area within walking distance of these services … they patronise restaurants, they patronise cafes, they purchase fuels, they purchase coffees, they’re here to look at the heritage of our city, this is the sort of tourism we should be welcoming to our great city.”

  • Where do you stay when you visit Hobart? Would it be a good idea to have an RV parking area at Macquarie Point until the site is developed.? Comment below.

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3 Responses to ‘Waterfront site in Hobart would make ideal RV park’

  1. Amazing. The Council is talking about a short term fill in solution while the naysayers just overlook the detail in their enthusiasm to shoot the idea down …

  2. In Geraldton Western Australia there is an overnight caravan parking area near the port. Walking distance to town. Oh and its free.
    Go for it Lord Mayor Christie

  3. Walking distance to town?
    Guess who will be taking the Mrs out to dinner.
    Win/win situation, other Hobart businesses will benefit as well.

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