How far would you drive to save 20 cents per litre?

Published: September 22, 2015
Grey nomads seek out cheaper fuel

The price of fuel is understandably a major preoccupation for many grey nomads eager to make their budgets stretch as far as possible as they potentially travel tens of thousands of kilometres on their Big Laps.

When long-term caravanners or motorhomers gather, it is not normally long before information is exchanged about where the best place to fill up is, and which fuel stops should be avoid, if possible.

While the nature of the Big Lap means grey nomads don’t always have much of a choice, the subject of just how far it pays for motorists to go out of their way to find cheaper fuel has been investigated by Victorian motoring organisation, the RACV.

The body says that the benefit of a 2-cent-per-litre saving is cancelled out by travelling more than 3.7km out of your way, and the same distance back again. However, driving 1 kilometre off course to save 5c a litre saves $2.24.

Basing its calculations on a 50-litre fill, with a $1.26 per litre base price, and fuel use of 10.9l/100km, the RACV  says to make a 20 cent-per-litre saving worthwhile, drivers would need to take a total return trip of less than 86.6km.

“A ‘2-for-1’ rule is a quick way to work out whether a detour is worth it,” RACV fuel spokesman Michael Case said. “That roughly means not going more than 2km out of your way — when making a 4km round trip — for every 1c a litre saving.”

He said best fuel economy was gained by accelerating gently and avoiding excessive speeds, harsh braking and long idling.

  • How far do you go out of your way to save money at the bowser? Have you calculated how far extra it pays to travel with your rig to save a cent or two per litre? Comment below.
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6 years ago

I do not go out of my way chasing discount petrol nor do I use cheap independent service stations as the quality of their fuel may not be as good as from the major suppliers. There has in the past been some expensive repair cost by those using cheap fuel from some independents

6 years ago
Reply to  Eddie

Agree with your comment about ” Cheap ” Independents however from someone whose previous working life was involved in and around the Petroleum industry, Please do not Disregard the ”Major” Independents, as they are the only groups that are stopping the oil companies from jacking up the prices, ?? it’s all about Competition , !!

6 years ago

If in a town or city with a couple of servo’s very close together, will check them out and best man wins,? Otherwise if i need fuel i buy it, as the rig is to big to push, We all should be careful on our spend, but you caanot let it control you, or we won’t go anywhere or see anything,

6 years ago

I usually chase fuel prices. really how much would that cost in fuel I wonder
I agree the big independents are helping the fuel price.

I thought that we only have 1 ? refinery in nsw


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