How much would you pay to visit the 12 Apostles?

Published: June 2, 2015

A new proposal to charge grey nomads and other tourists for the privilege of visiting Victoria’s Twelve Apostles is apparently being considered by the state government.

Upper house MP James Purcell has called for a $10 fee to be introduced for motorists heading to the iconic coastal destination.  He said it would generate millions of dollars for south-west Victoria and help pay for upgrades to the Great Ocean Road and other regional facilities.

According to a report in the Standard newspaper, State Tourism Minister John Eren has declined to either endorse or oppose the proposal. Opponents say this non-committal response proves the fee plan is under consideration.

A draft master plan released last month by the region’s peak tourism body, Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism (GORRT), also flagged a user-pays or parking fee at the Twelve Apostles site.

“In the short-term, there is an immediate need to fund priority projects that are crucial to sustaining a quality visitor experience at sites such as the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge,” the plan stated.

The Standard reports that famed overseas coastal attractions such as Land’s End and the White Cliffs of Dover attract parking fees, and there are also entry fees to landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and Stonehenge.

However, many grey nomads already claim a trip along the Great Ocean Road is not high on their agendas due to the high cost of many caravan parks and the limited free camping opportunities.

  • Do you think travellers should be charged to visit Australia’s natural attractions? Would you pay $10 to visit the Twelve Apostles?
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Bob McKerrow
7 years ago

Reckon the charge is fair enough. If they had been charging people before they would have been able to look after these icons and not allow them to fall into a state of disrepair. Money and charging people exorbitant prices is always a good system. NOT

7 years ago

It appears to me that we are getting a lot like the original owners of OUR land. So we are now wanting us to pay to visit another Australian tourist ICON. The reason it is and icon,. is because of us the tourists.
We already pay huge fees to drive on our roads. I am sick and tired of feeling some bureaucrat hand in my hip pocket.
Anyway there are heaps of other attractions for us to see without lining the pockets of some government, who does not know how to balance a budget.
No wonder the Vic’s are always heading north for better tourist attractions.

Bill Riches
7 years ago

s the Vic gov trying to drive all aussie tourists away. They have already made parking along there too difficult for invalids with walking problems and now this. Are they going to build a new apostle or two to make up the twelve? When we did the great ocean road a couple of years ago it was obvious they had already set up the tunnrl under the road ready paid charging. The view along there is not better {maybe even not as good } as some parts of SA and the Great Australian Bight.

Rob Jones
7 years ago

If I were an overseas visitor I would probably accept a fee in my coach tour but as a greynomad travelling Australia I wouldn’t. I have seen as much of Victoria as I want and next trip over the Nullarbor I will probably not go further into Victoria than the Murray river.

Faye Hunt
7 years ago

Having visited this iconic area 6 times, 3 of which I just went through without stopping due to inconsiderate caravan parks, verbal “You can’t park there or the police will move you on”, no parking bays for large vehicles in town areas, the National Parks Victoria charging excessive rates for staying in these areas at $38 for one night including for one person. The amount of the tourist dollar that has carried this area and the Victorian Government, should be considered enough for the tourist dollar. The road is in need of huge amounts of expenditure, but this should have been done over the years, instead of trying to get it back all at once via a one off charge at the Apostles. For a well used area, it has been left to degrade appallingly, road wise.

Rod Booth
7 years ago
Reply to  Faye Hunt

It’s an over rated place anyway. Nobody wants us Nomads, so stuff em.

Peter Watling
7 years ago

This stretch of coast has always been part of our southern travels. Where is the all the tax revenue from this area being spent? The locals should be asking this question, as this stupid idea will lower the number of travellers who spend on already over priced goods & services in these small towns. Don’t the apostles belong to the people of Australia not the Vic Gov who are only the caretakers.

7 years ago

In the scheme of things I don’t think that $10 is much to pay at all. After all, one will visit this place maybe twice in a life time. Problem is that the appointment of a public servant and staff to oversee this would very much use all the revenue raised so effect will be neglible … ???

6 years ago

$10 dollars isn’t much at all. At least the money is to upgrade something 🙂


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