Iconic cliff fenced off after series of dangerous stunts

Published: June 3, 2015

Officials have been forced to fence off an iconic cliff top in the Royal National Park near Sydney because of the crazy antics of visitors.

The barriers were erected today following a social media craze that has seen scores of people perform dangerous stunts on the edge of a sheer cliff known as Wedding Cake Rock. The daredevils have been posting photos of themselves in action on sites such as Instagram.

While most of the social media photographs are of people sitting on the edge with their legs dangling over of what’s the equivalent of a 16-storey building, that’s not enough for some.

“There’s always some people who push it a little bit further with more extreme behaviour like handstands,” Parks and Wildlife Service regional manager, Gary Dunnett, told the ABC. “In the last three months we’ve had more than a three-fold increase in the number of people who are going out there.”

The fact that large groups are now being pictured standing on the edge of Wedding Cake Rock has also sparked concerns about the stability of the rock itself,

Mr Dunnett said he hoped that the fencing at the cliff will just be a temporary measure and that people will learn just to enjoy the view for a few metres further back. The photos taken at Wedding Cake Rock used to be of the cliff itself, he said.

* What’s the craziest thing you have seen someone doing to get an ‘interesting’ photo? Do you think potetially dageorous sites like this should be fenced off?

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