‘If it worked for Longreach, why can’t it work for us?’ 

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Beef attarction to draw grey noad tourists
Beef tourism ... Rockhampton has a big dream

When a group of visionaries cooked up the idea for the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach more than four decades ago, they could have only dreamed of the success and popularity it has since enjoyed.

Now, another Queensland city is hoping its own take on the rural roots of the region could have an equally impressive impact.  An organising committee has been set up with the intention of developing a similar attraction near Rockhampton, to be known as the Grand Beef Cattle Hall.

“We see the constant stream of grey nomads that come to our part of the country, they want to have something to stop and look at,” the committeee’s chairman, Leon Clothier, told the ABC. “We think that if we were to feature this idea, we’ll have people wanting to stay for longer periods. It will be good for the community, good for Queensland and good for Rockhampton and surrounding districts.”

The idea is to house the complex at the Gracemere Saleyards, just outside of Rockhampton.

“This will be the home for country music festivals in central Queensland, we’d like to think that we could have bush poetry at the complex, regular working displays of reining and cutting horses, and regular displays of working dogs,” said Mr Clothier. “We’re also going to have an on-site blacksmith where people will be able to view him making things like cowbells and cattle brands.”

  • Do these sorts of attractions help give you a deeper understanding of a region’s history and culture? Would you put the Grand Beef Cattle Hall on  your Big Lap itinerary? Comment below.


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3 Responses to ‘If it worked for Longreach, why can’t it work for us?’ 

  1. we have been to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and find it so enlightening. this lap we can’t get to Longreach so an attraction similar
    in Rockhampton would get our attention. My Grandad owned a station in Western Australia before I was born. The lease was abandoned in the 30’s. A shame as it was on the edge of the Eastern wheat belt.

  2. It is a good idea & would certainly attract lots of visitors. There would have to be more low cost or free camping areas than there is now. A large percentage of travellers are on a budget & with a high proportion of vans & motor homes being self contained there is little call for a fully serviced caravan park.

  3. Go for it Rocky , but keep it low Tec hands on things more like the Matilda centre at Winton, I think the hall of fame has lost a bit of the bush feel, you get lots of info , but you spend too much time looking at screens,

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