‘If we want grey nomads, we must get dump points’

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Do grey nomads follow the dump point trail?

A dearth of dump points is driving grey nomads away from the New South Wales town of Bathurst, the council there has been told.

One councillor labelled the situation ‘ridiculous’, and plans are now being put in place to encourage dump point seeking caravanners and motorhomers to put Bathurst on their Big Lap itintrary.

The Western Advocate newspaper reports that while the grey nomads might happily visit the area to see Mount Panorama, the Chifley Home and Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, what they really want is somewhere to empty their mobile septic systems.

Now, Bathurst Regional Council’s engineering department has been asked to prepare a report on suitable locations for new dump sites in the city.

“We are not grey nomad-friendly in this city because our septic emptying facilities are basically non-existent,” councillor Warren Aubin told the council’s policy committee meeting.  “None exist along Hereford Street or down near Berry Park. There’s a dump point at Caravan Solutions on Corporation Avenue which is fine, but that’s a private operation and if people go there on weekends to use it then they find a sign telling to go all the way down to the visitor information centre to pick up a key and then go all the way back to Corporation Avenue. It’s ridiculous.”

Deputy mayor Ian North agreed that something should be done about providing a dump point on a main road.

“We want to attract people to Bathurst, but we’re failing badly in this town with regard to this type of facility,” he said.

Engineering director Doug Patterson said his department would look at possible locations for new dump points.

  • Do you decide to visit a town based on it dump point facilities? Where are the best – and worst – places in Australia terms of dump point provision?



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2 Responses to ‘If we want grey nomads, we must get dump points’

  1. The dump point at Caravan Solutions is closed for good, we went there a couple of months ago. There is one at the council depot at the end Morrisset Street though.

  2. there is a dump point in Bathurst, I have used it. It is in the council yards. It may be a problem with available opening times, I don’t know, but it is there, available & convenient. I lived in Bathurst fot 20yrs & can understand that some councilors & staff aren’t fully in the loop.

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