‘If you build them, we will travel Australia in them!’

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Grey nomads fuel demand for Australian caravans and motorhoes
From little things, big adventures grow

While the Australian car manufacturing industry may be struggling, it seems production of recreational vehicles – fuelled by grey nomad demand – is booming.

New Australian Recreational Vehicle (RV) production statistics show a year on year growth of 9.8%, compared to September 2013, and overall production for 2014 is 5.1% higher than it was in 2013.

Since 2008, RV registrations have increased by 21.6% (528,869 up from 414,469).

“The strength of the caravanning and camping industry in Australia is undeniable,” said Stuart Lamont, CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia in a statement. “The manufacturers are a big part of what makes our industry strong, and contribute to the growth and future of the industry in Australia.”

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia is currently advocating to the government on the issue of changes to Australian Design Standards.

“The Australian Design Rules for the construction of RV’s for Australian conditions are some of the toughest in the world, and it’s important that products being supplied to the market continue to meet these standards,” said Mr Lamont. “With deregulation of the Government’s agenda, it is important that consumers purchasing products in our industry are supplied with products that are able to stand up to the rigours of the Australian landscape.”

General Manager for Industry Development, Compliance and Accreditation, David de Heus says Australian manufacturing has changed, and will continue to adapt and grow into the future.

“Australians are optimistic and adaptable,” he said. “Their RV needs have changed, and so have the technologies and processes involved in Australian RV manufacturing.”

*How have your needs from,  and expectations of, your RV changed in the past few years? Do you think demand for caravans and motorhomes will continue to grow in the years ahead? Comment below.

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4 Responses to ‘If you build them, we will travel Australia in them!’

  1. Perhaps the growth is outstripping the capabilities of the industry to build vans (in particular) that are of a quality befitting their prices! It is rare to find a purchaser of a new van who does not outline a host of small issues that should not be present. Most minor attention to detail matters, others serious for which many manufacturers are not forthright in wishing to fix. The cost of the van is irrelevant as to faults present.

  2. If they want to Push the issue of Australian Made then Australia need to have a Lemon Law that Gives the Australian consumer Protection form dodgy work..

    With the ever increasing Costs or RV’s.. The consumer who spends $10’k’s if not $100’k’s, the ability to get their RV’s Repaired if not replaced due to Faulty workmanship..
    The Australian Consumer have NO protection at all..

    the Stories of Faulty Oz made Winobago’s where the companies that make them not wishing to fix the repairs or even Refund the money..

  3. My wife and I ordered a Leader caravan from Discover Caravans Springwood last May with a delivery date of February 2015. What we thought would be an exiting time and we can hit the road has turned in to a worrying time with the dealer gone broke and us waiting for a response from the factory. Is anyone else out there having this problem?

    • I was also in the same situation so I contacted Supreme direct & was able to work out a deal with them. We picked up our Leader Caravan in Melbourne and are happy with the end result.

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