Investigations continue into cliff plunge tragedy

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Great ocean Road crash
The rugged coastline near Cape Patton Lookout

The man who died on Saturday when his car plunged 100 metres over a cliff on the Great Ocean Road was a 31-year-old from Victoria.
The man, from Kealba, was with his partner when their vehicle crashed through a guard rail near the Cape Patton Lookout, east of Apollo Bay. Police say the driver was killed when he was flung on to rocks more than 20 metres from the vehicle. The woman in her 40s, was trapped for nearly two hours inside the crumpled wreckage. She was conscious the whole time as rescue crews worked to get access to her and to winch her to safety. The woman suffered multiple fractures and was flown to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. She is said to be in a serious but stable condition.
The couple were travelling east along the busy route much loved by grey nomads and other tourists when the tragic accident occurred.
Investigations into the incident are continuing.
Victoria’s road toll stands at 261, compared to 260 this time last year.

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