Is the diesel-powered Big Lap on its last legs?

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Is diesel on way out as fuel for grey nomads
Choose wisely!

Diesel may be the fuel of the bush but there are growing signs that its days in the proverbial sun may be drawing to a close.

France, which has long favoured diesel fuel, is now calling that decision a ‘mistake’ and is planning to gradually phase out passenger vehicles that run on the fuel.

In the 1960s, the French government and auto industry made the decision to move to diesel,-which was viewed as less polluting than gasoline in the days before catalytic converters became standard. Around 80% of cars run on diesel in France.

However, in a recent speech, French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls said France was overly reliant on diesel and pledged to wean the country off it.

‘In France, we have long favoured the diesel engine,’ he said. ‘This was a mistake, and we will progressively undo that, intelligently and pragmatically.’

In France, diesel is currently around 15% cheaper than petrol. In Australia, diesel tends to be more expensive.

  • Do you think diesel should be phased out in Australia? Is it still the fuel of the bush? Are diesel vehicles better for taking the Big Lap? Comment below.

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9 Responses to Is the diesel-powered Big Lap on its last legs?

  1. No diesel is still the way to go the motors are much more reliable and they last longer we have never had a problem towing and its good to know I have power in the bank if necessary

  2. Diesel exhaust is still less nixious than from pertrol engines PLUS diesels use far less fuel for a given journey particularly if towing a van, boat or trailer is involved. Diesel cost far less than petrol to produce at the Refinery which is why it is less expensive than petrol in France and elsewhere EXCEPT in Oz where diesel drivers are being ripped off by the oil companies in concert with the Govt. Who continue to allow this ripoff.

  3. Yep, it certainly is the more economical way to see Oz, but think about the wider implications of such a decision – where would the outback be without the trucks and road-trains that run on diesel and take much needed supplies to all those in the outback. For Oz, I feel it is still very much a vital part of our travelling/transport needs.

  4. I say good i hate being behine a diesel thay stink thay pollet and thay stink

    • Stevo there’s a nice little patch of sand just west of the Stuart Highway called the Tanami and it’s pretty well unpolluted. Feel free to go live there.

  5. Diesel can only be replaced when car manufactures find a way for petrol powered vehicles to produce the required torque to tow easily without the huge fuel usage that is associated with it.
    My petrol HiLux used twice the amount of fuel as my Dmax and no where near enough power to tow my 20 foot van. It struggled to tow my boat at 1700 kg let alone 2600kg of van.

  6. If you went with a petrol vehicle you would be using twice as much against diesel and then you would require a V8 to tow the typical van at 2.5T say. Diesel is the way to go, shame it is so expensive though

  7. I seem to remember reading an article some time ago that concerns were evolving in europe with diesel partical pollution showing up in people’s lungs as a result of a heavy concentration of diesel usage so it is possibly only a move on Frances part to address a specific problem. Additionally,top town in Gippsland,Foster nice people all facilities, dump point at the BP servo, local free camping at a site near the old railway station or on the Franklin river a few k out of town.

  8. Diesel is more expensive in Oz because most of our petrol is dumped here by Singapore refineries. There is high demand for diesel in Asia but little demand for petrol because most motor vehicles in Asia are light trucks.

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