It ain’t gonna be easy … but think of the savings!

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Grey nomads tow caravan with a bike
And a tandem bike can tow it, too ... so couples don't have to miss out!

With fuel prices continuing to rise, a host of budding inventors are turning their attention to what can make the dream lifestyle of the budget-minded grey nomad more affordable.

While some boffins are choosing to focus their energy on solar-powered vehicles, Danish designer, Mads Johansen, has decided most wannabe travellers don’t want to wait for the technology to be refined to start saving on their fuel bill.

So, he has dreamed up a super lightweight caravan that can be towed behind a bike.

While there have been previous incarnations of miniature caravans that can be towed by a bicycle, none can compete with this one in the weight department … and  it may be the first that is a realistic option for long trips in the flat Aussie Outback.

The Wide Path Camper weighs in at just 40kg when unloaded and – when it is folded out after towing – it is roomy enough to sleep two saddle-weary grey nomads.

It has more than 300 litres of storage space, a fold-up table, and some seating that folds into a bed when a 100 kilometre day of hard cycling takes its toll.

There is an outside kitchen area and an awning can be attached to make a shady outdoor space.

While still in the prototype stage, the finished product will be available in the first half of next year and will cost around $3,000.

* How much would fuel have to be per litre before you swapped your fourbie or your motorhome for a bicycle? Comment below.

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7 Responses to It ain’t gonna be easy … but think of the savings!

  1. If you can tow this van with a bicycle how much easier (and still way cheaper than a 4wd) would it be to tow it with a motorbike?

  2. How about a uni cycle only one tyre no handle bars and a skate board for the second driver to relax look at the savings in green hose gas metal only the sound pollution from driver no2 now that would be a saving

  3. hi I would like to see the interior of the could be the go for those of us that only want a basic and small van?

  4. Love the concept of the “caravan” built for a bicycle.
    I would certainly look at purchasing one as I have been
    pondering with the idea of the great lap on a bike for a long
    time.. Just have to convince my children that’s I won’t get squashed by a truck. I will be looking out for them when they are released.

  5. I am very interested in purchasing one of these but have not found an outlet in Qld, Australia. Can you assist, please?

    • Did you ever manage to find one?, If not what did you end up finding or going with…. It’d be cool if they had ModyPlast towable teardrop bike trailer in Australia… They look awesome. Could you please let know what and if you come across anything please?

  6. On the site of the inventor, it states it has water capacity and solar capacity. Do these comes automatically or are they add ons. Do also the outdoor kitchen and canopy come at the price of about $3K.

    Also curious as to the cost – again, from the inventor’s site, after conversion DK2,500 in to $AU – this equates to just under $600.

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