Leaky, rusty, and unsafe. And it’s yours for just $450

Published: September 23, 2015
Caravan to be sold Frankie

Witty and unusual sales pitches have proved to be remarkably successful in the social media age … but it still might not be enough to shift this dilapidated old caravan.

Toowoomba man Russ Brown clearly had his fingers crossed when he announced on Facebook that he was dropping the price for ‘Frankie the Friendly Caravan’ from an optimistic $26,990 to a more realistic – but still optimistic – $450.

Mr Brown is quick to admit that his van – “15 feet of fantastic, the Aluminium Can of Awesomeness, the MOST fun you can have on two wheels” – is not perfect, but he insists it does have its redeeming features.

Caravan for sale

The interior is of the same standard as the exterior (unfortunately!)

“The shabby-chic interior has been carefully engineered to look like rotting plywood panels, an accent that is beautifully complemented by the loose lino tiles on the floor,” he writes. “Amidship, you will find the generously appointed galley, complete with a place where a stove-top used to be, and what must surely be by now an antique two-way fridge. Fortunately, the fridge doesn’t work, adding an extra safety factor to the purchase.”

Water apparently isn’t a problem in Frankie the Friendly Caravan with “holes in the roof aplenty”, but Mr Brown is unsure if the electrical sockets actually work “since I have not been game enough to plug anything in”.

“Complete with tow-hitch and one of the rustedest jockey-wheels known to man, this little puppy is a pleasure to put on the back of a tow-truck and transport to your own home,” he wrote. “Regardless of if you are looking for a venue for that special date, or if you are looking to impress your spouse with yet another unfinished project, purchasing this van will likely see you become the envy of your friends.”

It’s a case of so far so good for the unusual sales campaign which has apparently generated plenty of buzz on social media and publicity in the Toowoomba Chronicle newspaper.  However, there is no word yet on whether anyone has actually expressed any interest in buying the caravan which Mr Brown insists he is selling ‘reluctantly’.

  • Are you tempted to part with $450 in order to downgrade your current rig … or simply to reward Mr Brown’s optimism? Comment below.
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6 years ago

Its surprising what value there could be in that Caravan, as far as parts are concerned.
those who love old Classic Caravans would be happy to get some of the parts out of it ,as they are no longer available from the shops.


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