It’s a caravan … but not quite as we know it!

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New caravan for grey nomads
It's different ... but could you travel in it?

A spectacular new caravan design could be about to revolutionise the Australian grey nomad lifestyle.
Amid great fanfare, a New Zealand design consultancy has unveiled its masterpiece of the open road, which it describes as being “the next frontier in mobile living”. The Christchurch-based W2 agency says it means it’s farewell to the traditional clunky box and hello to the aerodynamic open-plan living ‘Romotow’.
Inspired by the Swiss Army knife, the design of the Romotow incorporates a living area that swivels out from an exterior shell, adding up to 70% cent more living space. It also comes with a covered outdoor section complete with fold-out barbecue. W2 says that with traditional caravan designs, you were often hot when inside it, and not really involved in the environment you were in.
The Romotow reportedly lends itself to airflow and is more aerodynamic than a regular caravan. The design is said to reduce drag on the caravan, which will mean less “wiggling” when it is being towed.
Other features include a lightweight, fuel-efficient build, power-assisted braking, pneumatic shocks, a windbreak, sliding doors, louvred windows and easy clean furniture.
W2 company directors Matt Wilkie and Stuart Winterbourn say the vehicle is designed to fit into a standard caravan park site and they sees Australia’s grey nomads as potential future customers..
New Zealand media reports that Wilkie and Winterbourn are eyeing caravan manufacturers, particularly in the US, to manufacture their design.
They hope the Romotow (an amalgamation of the phrase ‘room to move’), will be on the road by 2015.
Do you like the look of the Romatow? Is it time the cravan got a serious ‘makeover’? Comment below.





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10 Responses to It’s a caravan … but not quite as we know it!

  1. WOW, Congratulations W2, well done. I love it, want to see more photos though of the inside. How much would you expect they will cost? Will they be affordable to the Grey Nomad army or only for the wealthy ones?
    Again, congratulations, very spaceaged and sexy…
    Denise & James Wright

    • life is full of surprises the only problem could come from the weight /gravity when the sleeping quaters swing out

  2. not many changes in the old box, nice to see someone trying to futurise styles, nomads(mid-life crisis) with a futuristic car to tow. hmmm!. its got potential for young thinking Grey Nomads.

  3. The Romotow is not or me. Reminds me too much of the Jetsons

  4. We think it looks brilliant, would love to see inside, if it is affordable when on the market we would certainly be interested at looking at one. we have a european van now and love the aerodynamic style.

  5. think how much the CP will charge for a site

  6. Wow, brilliant! I think we are the young thinking grey nomads that this is perfect for 🙂

  7. Yeah I could see this on the banks of the Paroo with a hot dry wind blowing and flies that thick you don’t have to add sultanas to your bran flakes. Good to see some one is playing with designs though.

  8. Looks great…this is definitely not your grandfathers caravan!

  9. I am just starting to look for a caravan for my retirement. and have came across your site, I am impressed with the Romatow and would be interested to find out the price. and the lay out of inside. Fab idea.

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