Man, 60, slightly hurt after truck and caravan collide

Published: October 4, 2021
Caravan crash on Pacific Highway

A man in his 60s has been injured after a caravan and truck collided near Woodburn in northern New South Wales.

Video footage taken by passer-by Lindsay Gates shows the caravanner’s tow vehicle and caravan jack-knifed, but did not appear to have rolled.

The Daily Telegraph reports that emergency services rushed to the scene on the Pacific Highway

Neither of the drivers were trapped during the crash, although a patient in his 60s suffered minor injuries. It is understood the man was conscious and outside the vehicle when emergency services arrived.

The accident happened on Saturday afternoon one kilometre south of Tuckombil Rd. One of the highway’s two northbound lanes was temporarily closed following the crash.

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Rob Jones
3 months ago

We were travelling South on the Forrest Highway heading back to Busselton yesterday afternoon; sitting on 100km/h as is the speed limit for towed vehicles here in W A and a Landcruiser towing a van similar length to ours, 22 ft passed us like we were standing still. Too fast.

3 months ago
Reply to  Rob Jones

Yep best way to end up in a crash
Some strange people out there think big rig means i must do big speed

3 months ago

I drive an 8m motorhome and depending on road conditions travel at 100k/h. It is not only caravans that overtake me but semis & B Doubles which are required by law to be speed limited to 100k/h.

3 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Your car’s speedometer will read around 5km/hr lower than your actual speed,which you can check with the right app.I use the “Speedy” app. Truckies usually know exactly how fast they’re driving,and being held up behind a driver who thinks he’s doing 100km/hr,but is actually driving more slowly,can mean the truckie “loses” over an hour each day.Get a move on,or get out of the way!


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