Delayed in holiday traffic? Time to blame caravans!

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Caravanners and grey nomads not popular with other road users
Caravanners aren't popular with other motorists in the UK

With Christmas just around the corner and the roads about to become packed with holiday traffic, it seems caravanners may again have to prepare to be the scapegoats for any delayed or impatient motorists.

The busier the time of the year, the more blame frustrated drivers tend to attach to ‘easy target’ groups such as caravanners or grey nomads for their slow journeys.

And the blame game phenomenon is certainly not just restricted to Australia. A British report has just ‘named and shamed’ caravan drivers as the ‘pariahs’ of Britain’s roads.

A survey conducted by ‘Your Legal Friend Road Report’ found that caravanners are the country’s least popular road users by some margin, with just 9% of the 2,000 road users questioned thinking caravan drivers were competent.

Interestingly, the same survey found that 61% of caravan owners felt happy on the road and nearly one in three thought they were among the country’s best drivers.

And the UK’s motoring experts have also been leaping to the defence of the much-maligned caravanner.

Hugh Bladon of the Alliance of British Drivers told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper that even though he couldn’t stand caravans, he didn’t think the criticism of caravan drivers was fair.

“The trouble is that they often cannot move all that quickly and create blockages and make the drivers behind them get frustrated,” he said.  “If I have a beef about them it is that they don’t take notice of the congestion they are causing and pull over to let other drivers pass.”

Mr Bladon said the bigger problem was other drivers getting impatient with caravans and then taking risks which could cause an accident.

Luke Bosdet of the UK’s Automobile Association agreed.

“Other drivers need to bear in mind that caravanners are dragging a small house behind them,” he told the Express. “Given that knowing how to tow a caravan safely is not something you pick up overnight, you could argue that many caravan owners are more skilful drivers than many of their critics.”

  • Do you pull over tolet traffic pass if your slower speed with a caravan is creating congestion behind you? Do you feel caravanners or grey nomads are ‘blamed’ unfairly for any delay in other motorists’ journeys? Comment below.

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6 Responses to Delayed in holiday traffic? Time to blame caravans!

  1. Pull over WHERE to let the lead feet pass ? There are very few if any “pull outs” anywhere apart from a few we found on the Mornington Peninsular on a trip east
    Pull outs are a great idea and should be provided on lots/most hill tops where a decent climb will have slowed heavy vehicles, caravans and motorhomes.

    • I can always manage to find a spot to let traffic pass. You do not have to pull off the road. When you see a clear patch of road, use your right indicator to let the people behind you know it’s safe for them to pass. Once they start to overtake, ease off the throttle. Safe for everyone. If you have a line of traffic behind you, you deserve to be called an ignorant caravaner.

      • The suggestion of using RH indicator is fraught with danger as the driver following may, correctly, interpret this as your intention to turn right and next minute they’re looking for a track on your LH side with a not good result. I consider a better option is to signal a left turn and then back off the accelerator a little with a light touch on the brakes. This way I consider much less confusing and therefore, hopefully, safer.

        • Jim you are dead right with this. It’s stupid and dangerous to indicate RH when your intention is pull over to the left to allow people to overtake. This started with big trucks on outback roads. Why they decided to indicate RH instead of LH is a mystery.

  2. people need someone to blame for anything that happens in this life.

    so just take a deep breath and be nice to all. Life is short.
    meditation medication>?

  3. there is often places to get traffic past you even without stopping,you just have to think ahead a bit. I agree with rv driver.

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