Just how dangerous are Australia’s national parks?

Published: August 19, 2015

Already this year there have been a number of nasty accidents in Australia’s national parks, including the drowning death of an overseas tourist in Litchfield National park just last month.

In times past, there have been catastrophic falls, deadly crocodile attacks, and the occasional snake bite … but – despite Australia’s dangerous reputation – things have been a lot worse in the United States of late.

In the past few weeks alone, two campers have been crushed and killed by a falling tree, a man has been killed by a Grizzly Bear,  and a French couple has collapsed and died of heat exhaustion.

Apparently, about 150 people die each year in America’s 408 national parks which is seen as being a relatively small number considering the parks see nearly 300 million visitors annually.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the biggest causes of death, according to federal figures, are drownings and vehicle accidents — things that kill people outside of parks, too.

Just six people died from wildlife encounters during the period. Four were caused by grizzly bear maulings, and one was caused by a mountain goat attack, and one was caused by a snakebite.

Other big causes of death were exposure to the elements and avalanches.

  • Do you feel safe in Australia’s national parks? What do you feel are the biggest dangers? Comment below.


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