Kimberley ‘honour’ could bring in the tourism hordes

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Will places like Bells Gorge be overrun with tourists?

Grey nomads might have to prepare themselves for a bit more company when they head into the Kimberley next dry season.

The iconic Western Australian wilderness area was recently named as the second best region in the world to visit by travel bible, Lonely Planet … and that could mean a huge influx of tourists.

Lonely Planet described the Kimberley as “one of the most sparsely populated regions on the planet and one of the most starkly beautiful, carved by giant gorges, dimpled with deep, cool pools and home to a coastline that could make Australian east-coasters weep”.

Lonely Planet also labels the Gibb River Road as the ultimate road trip.

“In our book, the Kimberley beats the Northern Territory’s Red Centre hands down,” it said.

However, it does warn potential visitors to “explore the area now, before big business encroaches”.

Tourism Minister Liza Harvey said she hoped the Lonely Planet endorsement would “inspire a new wave of visitors to this extraordinary and unique wilderness region”.

The world’s top region was named as Sikkim in India. Other favoured destinations were Yorkshire in England, Hokuriku in Japan, and Texas in the US.

Do you think the Kimberley beats the Red Centre ‘hands down’? Do you think there’s enough space for a few more tourists in the Kimberley? Comment below.


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One Response to Kimberley ‘honour’ could bring in the tourism hordes

  1. Was visiting Catherine hill bay NSW to take a look at the bushfire damage to the area. Noticed several RV’s parked next to the bowling club, someone said the’re often there. Does anyone know if it is an official gathering place, or just an occasional gathering??

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