One dead, three critical after grey nomad accident

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Caravan accident near Corowa
Three people have been airlifted to hospital in critical condition. PIC: Daily Advertiser

A teenager has died after his vehicle was in collision with a grey nomad couple’s 4WD and caravan.

The driver of the 4WD, a 78-year-old man, and a passenger, an 80-year-old woman, were also airlifted to Canberra Hospital in a critical condition.

The accident happened this afternoon on the Lachlan Valley Way, about 20 kilometres south of Cowra in the New South Wales Central West.

Police said a 4WD, with a caravan attached, and a sedan, had collided.

Despite the efforts of emergency services, the 18-year-old female driver of the sedan died at the scene. Her 18-year-old male passenger was airlifted to Canberra Hospital in a critical condition.

Lachlan Valley Way was closed in both directions and police were urging motorists to avoid the area.

Officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Crash Investigation have commenced an investigation into the circumstances of the crash. Police say inquiries are continuing.

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12 Responses to One dead, three critical after grey nomad accident

  1. And now they want you as seniors to drive many km with out stopping they idiots. Just so you can get home. Well done Governments of Oz.

  2. I wonder if the 78 yo driver had his mandatory driving test towing a caravan

    • Was the 78 at fault, ?

  3. Oh Nooooooooo…. at 78 I feel he was a little too Aged to be towing all that weight…. and those Huge 4WD Vehicles …are NOT easy to handle….Note: I am 77 and sure as hell wouldn’t even attempt it…….

    • Well a mighty fine statement. Glad your opinion was of you your self, we are all different nd please do not put everyone in your category. a caravan is too big for some one of that age to be handling & a 4×4 is too hard to control.

    • A relly of mine was driving a concrete agitator and still unloading at 92. Not a problem for some.

    • I’m 75 and in the planning of another long trip towing 2.5 tonn caravan and have never had a problem . With all the mod cons my current car Audi Q7 is easier to drive than my first car a mini and that was a quarter of the weight.

  4. Astonishes me the assumption is the older driver is at fault!

  5. Always stay on your side of the road. If you speed or ignore the results are life threatening. Very Sad.

  6. Was the caravan driver at fault, or the teenager, who would have the most/least experience????? Think before making assumptions.
    Country road, inexperience, stereo and /or mobile phone, distractions having passengers talking.
    These things could be for both or none of the people involved.
    Wait for the investigation results before condemning either one.

  7. Please guys, it’s unjustified to condemn a person simply based on his age.

  8. Why is it that journalists emphasise the age of the caravaners and highlight the grey nomads aspect. The article dosnt even say how the accident happened or if it was the towing vehicles fault. As untill a coroner rules, it is a motor vehicle accident involving 2 vehicles. And untill the ruling, driver responsibility is 50% each for any accident.

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