When does a caravan park stop being a caravan park?

Published: November 26, 2020
caravan parks face identity crisis

As cabins and other non-wheeled accommodation options continue their relentless march, the character of many ‘caravan parks’ continues to change apace.

Indeed, it has reached a point now that many people are openly questioning at what stage a caravan park ceases to be a caravan park.

The latest ‘ground zero’ of this debate is Avoca Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast where nearly 300 objections have been received against a proposed $20m caravan park which will have a majority of manufactured homes.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Resort Parks Australia is proposing to construct caravan park, Lake View Village, with 57 long-term dwelling sites, five short-term sites, and a community building.

The long-term sites will have two-storey manufactured homes and will include three bedrooms, double garage, kitchen, living and rumpus rooms and amenities.

The 2.7-hectare site on the shores of Avoca Lagoon operated as a caravan park for more than half a century but has been inactive for many years.

Many of the objections received by the council allude to the “incorrect characterisation of the development – not a caravan park and not permissible in the zone”. However, under the Gosford Local Environmental Plan (LEP) the proposal meets the definition of a caravan park.

According to the Daily Telegraph, other concerns relate to overdevelopment of the site and it being out of character for the area, along with noise, traffic, privacy and overcrowding issues.

The applicant has stated in the council report that the site has historically been used for tourist accommodation but has been vacant for a number of years

“The re-establishment of the caravan park will therefore not displace existing tourist accommodation,” it said. “The provision of five caravan sites on the subject site will contribute to the supply of tourist accommodation in the locality.”

It also says the addition of long-term sites will contribute to affordable housing supply in the suburb.

A Central Coast Council report states the use of the site as a caravan park ‘will be consistent with the desired character of the area’.

The Daily Telegraph reports that council staff have recommended ‘deferred commencement consent’ to address issues including the number of long-term sites in each row at the site and set backs. The Development Application was initially lodged in 2017 and has undergone many changes since.

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1 year ago

In a lot of so called “Caravan Parks” now a days there are Cabins, Dwellings like the above and what is left in hard to get sites etc are patches of dirt called sites

Janice Nell
1 year ago

This has been happening for some yrs now .
We use to live in a Caravan Park that was turned completely into a Manufactured Home Park
Sunnylake Shores at Budgewoi .
The owners then sold it to the Ingenia Group
Ingenia have been buying up a lot of “Caravan Parks ” for this purpose along the whole if The East Coast .

1 year ago

I think once you can stay more than 3 months it ceases to be a tourist park. So maybe it should also be regarded as permanent home sites regardless if it has wheels or stumps.

Lucy Marsh
1 year ago

Get real; 5 sites and 57 long term dwellings is not a caravan park. It’s a luxurious residential village with 5 camp sites. If they were serious about contributing to affordable housing the 57 dwellings would be modest, low rent cabins

Renee Knight
1 year ago
Reply to  Lucy Marsh

Agree 57 not affordable for those of us
on Centrelink. So it will be holiday/rentals.
I had to pull up my Movable old caravan as I dont have a shower/toilet. So homeless like a lot of older people. 50_60s.
With sites costing $40 per night
there are a lot of greedy owners
Or managers out there.
Sad very sad

Peter Webster
1 year ago

These caravan parks criticise grey nomads for fee camping but don’t mind taking accommodation away from hotels and motels do they

1 year ago

It never ceases to amaze me how these sort of park people cry and winge when Grey nomads free camp , if they did the right thing and supplied simple basic parks and only charged a minimal fee life would be so much easier for everyone, and they would make a good living, instead of filling up with unit type housing that most pensioners can’t afford anyway, and then to have the audacity to have 5 sites available to fight over, good luck with
that , I hope this mob fail miserably .

John Rodgers
1 year ago

If the local governments wish to grant permission for “Caravan Park” owners to install and further develop their sites with manufactured homes then they should also consider the further impact this will have on the hotel and motel industry.

Also, greater consideration should therefore be given to opening more free/bush camps”.
Caravan parks as we know it, will become known as resort complex.
Of coursed one will not see a resort type complex in the smaller populated regions of our country.
The modern fully contained caravan does not need the C.Park offer.
As a couple of Grey Nomads, we will continue to only use C.Park if and when we have to.


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