Lake Proserpine free camp to be hit with grey nomads

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Lake Prosperine offers camping to grey nomads
Lake Proserpine is set to become even more popular.

A new 72-hour lakeside free camp has been unveiled at the popular fishing spot of Lake Proserpine, also known as the Peter Faust Dam, in north Queensland.

As party of its master plan for the area, the Whitsunday Regional Council has negotiated a lease with SunWater and is now delivering a major upgrade of recreational facilities.

An extra toilet block and shower camping amenities are currently under construction, so free campers using the area now will either need to be self-sufficient or use the existing amenities to the north of the camping area.

As well as camping, other future recreational uses within the master plan include:

  • Upgraded recreational facilities and overflow parking areas
  • Central gathering area / amphitheatre for events
  • Pontoons for enhanced access between the water and landslide areas
  • Enhanced arrival and information facility
  • Upgraded boat ramp and parking areas
  • Rationalised water-based recreation areas

Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor, Andrew Willcox, said these were exciting times.

“Our ultimate aim is to make Lake Proserpine a tourism hotspot and fishing mecca nationally and internationally,” he said. “Lake Proserpine is largely untapped and developing it into a recreation hub that can cater for camping, boating, fishing or just be a nice spot to visit for a barbecue will add significant value to the Whitsunday region.”

Works on access upgrades and the construction of three pontoons are also on track for completion before Christmas. Other works underway include resurfacing of car park areas and line-marking, new barbecue areas, extra bins and concrete slabs are soon to be replaced in the recreation area.

Further site developments to enhance the area will continue in early 2020 including the addition of wash down bays for vehicles to mitigate the risks of spreading mimosa pigra.

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10 Responses to Lake Proserpine free camp to be hit with grey nomads

  1. Ya whoo. We are on our way. Give us some dates for open please.

    • You can camp there now Laurie…The Council hasn’t started yet on the new amenities block can’t be to far away for them to make a start on it tho.

  2. What a great initiative by a very progressive Proserpine Council.
    It will be a great spot for RVers to camp and fish and then head off to Airlie Beach. When heading north we will spot and have a few days at the Dam. The dam is named after the famous Faust Family who helped the town of Proserpine to thrive.

  3. This is great news and will certainly benefit the town. I am hopeful the area will be monitored so it does not suffer from over stayers and groups of backpackers which can quickly stigmatise an area. Generally the Grey Nomads are respectful and appreciative so I’d imagine they will reciprocate the good will of the council. I am looking forward to staying there during our travels. A very forward thinking community trying to generate an interest and income for their residents.

  4. That’s great news for a lot of people travelling not only the Grey Nomads, as there are a lot of travellers with pets I hope they also make it pet friendly.

    • Hi Brian…It’s pet friendly but your pet must be on a leash at all times or kept contained some way…Wild dogs and dingoes are known to be around there so definitely keep an eye on your pets especially at night

  5. Did someone say FREE? That’s music to Grey Nomads. Even it cost extra money to get there, no problems – it’s FREE. Has to be worth it – it’s FREE.

    • What ever your on Harry I don’t want any.

  6. could it be policed somehow so campers stick to 72 hr limit and some control over thoughtless travellers regardless of nationality

  7. Do you need to book for a stay

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