Landowner angered by disrespectful free campers

Published: October 11, 2015
Free cmaping closed at Pancake Creek

A popular free camping spot in Queensland has been blocked off by the private land owner … and potential campers have been warned off in no uncertain terms.

Along with ‘do not trespass’ signs, a warning has been printed and hung across closed gates proclaiming ‘gunfire occurs frequently’ … warning shots not always accurate!’ The spot at Pancake Creek near Agnes Water south of Gladstone has been hugely popular with 4WDers and campers, but it is understood that the land owner simply ran out of patience with those who abused the privilege of being allowed to visit.

The Gladstone Observer reports that when disappointed wannabe camper Astrid Allison posted pictures of the closed site on her Facebook page she was inundated with comments.

“When we were talking to the property owner he was explaining the amount of rubbish and ripping up of the tracks is out of control,” said one commenter. “He had had enough.”

Another person wrote: “It’s private property and the owner has every right to refuse access unless it’s a gazetted road. It’s a shame that there isn’t 4WD access.”

Ms Allison said the decision would leave other creeks, like Eurimbula and Little Creek, even busier.

* Have you seen other popular camping spots closed off due to the poor behaviour of a minority? What – if anything – can be done about it? Comment below.

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James Flaherty
6 years ago

Just like Pancake Creek there will be another one soon near Charters Towers I guess. Last three times we have been there spent a couple of hours cleaning up broken glass and rubbish only to see the locals come down fishing and watersking and throw their rubbish and cans on the ground and leave taking nothing with them. This spot is at the kindness of the owner so I wonder how long it will be before the signs go up.
Regards Jim

6 years ago

Again we see the majority suffer because of a few … ??? It doesn’t take much to leave a site as you found it (or better); to respect the tracks and sites ….. imagine if it were yours ….

Clarke Mc Dowell
6 years ago

I don’t get it the motto should be “Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy”

6 years ago

If only it were the minority at fault. As a traveler it seems to me the majority of visitors (local) create the majority of these situations. Tie this with the attitude, ego, you owe me, it’s my right examples evident in todays everyday life then I see it as a road to nowhere. I agree that we use respect, both for the tracks and the owners, as we enjoy our country while we can.

6 years ago

Again a few stuff it up for all. We live by the motto of “Leave only your footprints” shame others cant do this. People that throw their rubbish around have no respect for their country so deport them in my opinion.

6 years ago

We like to think that most people are tidy except when they go to these spots. Unfortunately “a man’s home is his castle”, and “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” are no longer the norm. More and more people are too lazy to do anything much, let alone clean up after themselves. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

6 years ago

I agree with the remarks of free campers,but in this forum they are preaching to the converted and those that don’t care don’t care aren’t on the grey nomads mailing list


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