Sealed Cape Leveque road to bring grey nomad surge

Published: November 4, 2016
Cape Leveque Road sealing

The sealing and upgrading of the road to Cape Leveque north of Broome is expected to bring a surge of extra grey nomads and other travellers to the area.

While the WA Government announced some weeks ago major improvements to the iconic Kimberley route were on its radar, details of the funding arrangements that will make it happen have only just emerged.

The Federal Government has said it will pick up 80% of the $65 million price tag, with the WA Government picking up the rest.

The cash is expected to fund the construction of a brand new all-weather sealed road next to the existing unsealed alignment.

The project will be carried out in stages but WA Premier Colin Barnett has told the ABC that “it’s something we’re going to get on with … I’m very determined that we will seal that road as quick as is sensibly possible”.

The road to Cape Leveque has long been well used by grey nomads seeking adventure and a relaxing time in the remote area next to the Indian Ocean.

Favourite camping spots along the way including James Price Point, Quondong Point, Beagle Bay, Middle Lagoon and the resort at Cape Leveque itself.

  • Will the complete sealing of this road make you more likely to head further north that n you otherwise would have, or will it ‘spoil’ the adventure? Comment below.


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Leo & Annette Robinson
5 years ago

I started to go on the road on 3/10/16 but as i value my car, i turned around, the 95klm is just to rough so i went to
The pearl farm. So yes i would definately go north and i would stay up there to put money in their area, not just Broome. Which we think has gone backwards in 5 years.

5 years ago

Will be great for us we really wanted to go there next year but were dubious about how our caravan would go on the road, just hope its done by the time we get over there!

5 years ago

We have visited this area many times with our off road van, the sealing would make it a little easier, but it is already very busy! There is a need for more good camping grounds or major expansion to existing sites. Currently Cape Leveque doesn’t take vans, so options are limited for us, if travelling north beyond Middle Lagoon. Roads are only part of the development work needed for travel around the Dampier Peninsula.

Bruno Spiller
5 years ago


Brian Walker
5 years ago

Road is not too bad as dirt roads go just a little to narrow in places where banks on either side high. Wouldn’t like to see the volume of traffic to increase without a lot more work than the 65 mil on offer. Two caravans passing each other on the present road would be pretty scary in places as it is.
Maybe do some work up to Beagle Bay for the tourist buses and let the communities work out where they would like to go from there.

John Williams
5 years ago

Progress,Progress.Why do we always want the best of both worlds,Nature and comfort.These don’t go together.Go to Exmouth and a zillion other places if you want . Let One arm pt. Lombadina, middle Lagoon be what they are, Build another Gold Coast.The mighty $$$ reigns.Visited in’99

Peter Adrichem
1 year ago
Reply to  John Williams

you are absolutely right John as grey nomads have raped and pillaged KURUMBA and I dont want to see this happen up there

Peter Adrichem
1 year ago
Reply to  John Williams

I agree John if we bitumen the road then people will totally disregard the beauty up north in these places as I have seen horrific fishing and greed of GN in Kurumba and I would hate this to happen in this area.

A. Meyers
5 years ago

I have been to this area many times and have travelled 4000k to visit one of the most precious places in Australia. The remoteness is the appeal. Not everyone needs to go everywhere and if they do, prepare and you can. It is a great shame that this area will be undoubtedly exploited by entrepreneurs once access is made easy. Plenty of areas in WA that you can visit on bitumen. Cape Leveaque will never be the same, but more importantly, never be as good. But that’s progression….. Time to find a new patch of paradise.


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