The open road makes you happier than owning things

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GNT 86 is on the cyber streets!

Who needs a house, a lawnmower, and a vacuum cleaner when you can have the freedom of the open road? Not us! Issue 86 of the Grey Nomad Times looks at scientific research showing that accumulating experiences instead of possessions is the real key to happiness.

The latest edition of the GNT also meets some litter-hating vanning veterans, takes a stroll among the giants, and even puts the sunshine back into ongoing bush camping power problems. And, if that’s not enough, Jaclyn and Heidi get out the deodorant for an unhygienic pair of long termers.

Our bumper three pages of letters are as lively as ever … and don’t forget to check out our grey nomad ‘jobs’, ‘items for sale’, and ‘housesits’ in our burgeoning Classifieds section. Our popular quiz is also sure to get you scratching your heads. And our growing number of picture puzzle ‘addicts’ will love this issue’s challenging conundrum. Enjoy!

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