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Grey nomads delayed in hitting the open road
Will we ever get away?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
The van’s all packed up, but it’s starting to seem like we’re never going to go! After originally planning to hit the road more than six months ago things have been repeatedly been put on hold by a series of unfortu­nate – and fortunate – events. First my husband Bill put his back out while decorating, then we decided we might as well wait for my sister’s 60th birth­day bash, then just before we set off I had a prang in the tug … and now my granddaughter’s wedding is only six weeks away and everyone is saying we should be there. I don’t think they realise just how desperate Bill and I are to start living our dream. And what happens if we go to the wedding and then yet another drama delays us? Should l miss the wedding?

You’re not the first to be caught in the ‘how are we ever going to get away’ conun­drum, Bronwyn. The fact your current life is packed with so many commitments and dramas should remind you of how wonderfully relaxed your life will be when you hit the road for good. Of course, it is frustrating, but try to see the bigger picture. Maybe there will be one more ‘drama’ after this and maybe there won’t … but the day will dawn when you hitch up the van and pull out of your driveway. While you’re waiting, why not try a short shakedown trip. I know it’s not the ‘big one’ you want but it will offer a tantalising glimpse of your wonderful fu­ture life. Stay for the wedding, Bronwyn. If you don’t, you’ll only spend the first weeks of your trip wishing you had.

The world is full of people who wish they’d done this or done that when they had the chance, Bronwyn. This is your chance … take it! Don’t kick your heels for six weeks and risk feeling resentful. Life’s always going to throw up a conveyor belt of reasons for you to delay your trip. You certainly don’t want a more serious health issue than Bill’s sore back to stop you from travelling next time. Your granddaughter will be disap­pointed you won’t be at her wedding but she’ll soon move on to start worrying about things such as the wedding dress or the flowers. She’s got her life to lead and her dramas to cope with and you’ve got yours, Bronwyn. It shouldn’t be any other way. She who hesitates is lost. Go and enjoy!


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