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Grey nomads have nightmares
"I keep having nightmares about winter in Tassie!!!'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
We set out from Brisbane a week ago on a two-year trip. We haven’t done any long trips before but we’ve done a lot of research. My husband Eric and I had read so much about the crowds you get in places across the north during the dry season that we decided to buck the trend, and head south. We’ve got a schedule mapped out, and have even booked our Tasma­nia crossing in six weeks’ time. And we’ve already told many friends and family in the south to expect us soon. However, we’ve only got as far as Coffs Harbour and are finding the nights extremely cold. We’re starting to realise there’s a good reason most people are head­ing north! Instead of looking forward to things, we’re now panicking about the prospect of free camping in Tassie in June! What should we do?
Kerri Ann

There is no disputing that it’s going to get colder and colder the further south you go and the deeper into winter you travel, Kerri Ann. But you most certainly will not be alone. Although most of the caravans you pass will be heading in the opposite direction, there will be a few hardy souls like you ready to experience something really different. There are those who have done the Big Lap many times who swear that ‘out of season’ is the only way to go. Talk to fellow southward bound travellers. See what they are doing for heating and stock up on the thick socks and long Johns. Just imagine how amazing it will be sitting around that crackling, cosy campfire. Don’t let doubts spoil your enjoyment. Em­brace the adventure and the experience. Go the other way around next year, if you like!

Red alert, red alert! If you’re feeling the cold in Coffs Harbour at the beginning of May, you most certainly don’t want to be heading for Hobart any time soon! Turn your rig around and follow the crowds, KerriAnn. You’re a sunshine girl like me and there’s no point pretending otherwise. If you are having doubts now, they are only going to grow with every degree the temper­ature plunges. You don’t want to be shivering away thinking of all the merry get-togethers the Cooktown crowds will be having as they wander around in T-Shirts and thongs. Know when you have made a mistake. Fight like mad to get a Spirit fare refund, tell the family and friends that you’ll get to them another time… and then start shedding clothing and slapping on the sunscreen, girlfriend. You’re going Troppo!


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