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Grey nomads and campfire etiquette
It's 10pm. Time to wrap it up guys!

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
We are loving our time on the road more than we could ever have dreamed. And one of the joys has been meeting so many wonderful characters and shar­ing stories around the campfire. Does it get any better than enjoying a bottle of wine under the stars with fellow travellers? But recently we have got ourselves into trouble with campsite neighbours who say we are too noisy. We are always in bed by 10pm at the latest but at the last couple of campsites people have come up to us at 9.30 and told us to be quiet.We are now in a real pickle as we don’t want to be a nuisance or disturb people but at the same time we do so enjoy having a glass of wine, a laugh and a giggle with friends. What do we do?
Graham and Moira

I can see why this would be causing you some anxiety. You seem reasonable people and are conscious of your fellow nomads which is com­mendable. While 10pm is the regular curfew at campsites and you are within your rights to keep laughing and joking until then, maybe it would be a good idea if you tried to calm it down after 9pm in order to keep the peace. You certainly don’t want to fall out with your neighbours. I’m not sure it’s worth risking a row for the sake of an extra half an hour of story-swapping. Maybe you should consider bush camping sometimes.That way you could make merry to your hearts’ content until the wee small hours and no one would be around to complain – apart from the bush wildlife of course!

My, oh my! This is an easy one, Graham and Moira. Listen carefully. I have four words to say to you. Keep the party going! And crank it up if you want to. You should be drinking, chatting, laughing, and causing as much mayhem as possible until 10pm! Okay, maybe go easy on the mayhem but you get my drift. The joys of travelling are to see won­derful sights, but also to get to know your on-the-road com­padres, and there is no better place to do that than around a campfire. As a token of friend­ship towards your stick-in-the-mud neighbours, why not try inviting them to stay for a drink next time and maybe they’ll let their hair down and join the party. If they snap the olive branch, my advice is to crank up the volume and get those corks-a-poppin’.


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