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Get the washcloth out, Madge!
Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
I have met wonderful people on the road, seen some beautiful sights, and love spending more time with hubbie. There is one blot on an otherwise perfect landscape and that is … dust! It seems to bug me more as time goes on. It blows through the van’s windows and door, and gets in to every nook and cranny. I have never been particularly house proud or a ‘cleanliness obsessive’, so why is this ‘red menace’ driving me nuts? Surely other nomads have the same problem. Do I accept this as part of my new lifestyle or spend the trip trying to keep on top of the dirt. My husband just says: “We can give the rig a good vac when we get home.” Laid back or what! Any suggestions?

I share your dislike of the dirt that goes with the great outdoors, as I am sure do most nomads. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory. Try to follow your husband’s advice and ignore it as much as you can. Alternatively, you can have a good clean every evening while you set your husband to work cooking! Why not work out how much time it will take to keep everything hunky dory and weigh this up against all the positive experiences you might be missing while cleaning. You will soon see that, if you keep the dust ‘nightmare’ in perspec­tive, you will have the time of your lives on the road. You left sanitised suburbia behind the moment you pulled out your driveway. Enjoy your trip for what it is … an adventure, dirt and all.

You’ve hit the road on a dream trip and you’re going to let a lit­tle bit of dirt spoil it!. You’re in Outback Australia for heaven’s sake! What did you expect … someone to have vacuumed it up before you got there? Maybe you should employ a cleaner to travel with you! Your husband has it spot on. The fear of grime is only in your mind. It will not harm you in any way. Give the rig a good old scrub … when you get home! If you are really that bothered about it, why not, shock horror, do a bit of dusting every day? I am sure you have a spare 20 minutes or however long you want to allocate to it to clean up any bothersome particles. Then put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea. Chill out, Madge!


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