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Grey nomad fixer on the road
I just want to fix things all the time

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
I’m a bit of a Mr Fix it. I have always loved tinkering with engines, playing with plumbing, and knocking up cupboards. My wife Sue reckons I was bad enough before I retired, but got even worse a couple of years ago when I finally packed in my job aged 70. We’ve been travel­ling for a couple of months now so, instead of finding things to fix in the house, I’m always working on the van and the tug. I reckon I’ve come up with a few ideas that could really improve caravans and I’m keen to go back home and set up a small business to offer my ser­vices to caravanners. Sue thinks I’m mad as we really don’t need the money … plus she wants to spend the winter in a camp­chair in the Territory. Should I give it a go?

Good on you, Nick. There are plenty of people four decades younger than you who spend most of their time thinking about how they can get out of work and here you are dream­ing of ways you can get back into it! Part of the joy of the grey nomad lifestyle is that it keeps more mature people active and engaged rather than potentially just whil­ing away the days at home. I guess you’ve taken it one step further! I think the saying goes that you’re only as old as you feel, so why not dream big and stay excited about the future. Is there a way you can start your business as a mobile service initially? That way you can test the potential market on fellow travellers, and Sue can still enjoy the northern sunshine for a few months.

It’s great that you’re keeping active and your brain is firing on all creative cylinders, but the number of candles on the cake don’t lie, Nick. We all wish we were a few decades younger and had it all ahead of us again but we don’t. Enjoy being able to do a bit of weld­ing on the rig, or adding a shelf here or there … but park­ing up the van to start a new business at your age! Come on, Nick. You’re retired! Don’t stop scheming and dreaming for Goodness sake, but pass on your ideas to younger friends or family members and let them have a go. With a brain as active as yours, you’ll always find something to occupy you wherever your travels take you … and Sue probably deserves a few months with her feet up watching you buzz around the campsite.



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