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Grey nomad obsessed with eBay
'My wife's selling me out of house and home'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

I am being driven nuts by my wife’s obsession with eBay. Please help before she strips the house bare! In December we decided to sell some items to pay for a 6-month Outback trip. Unfortunately, what started out as some shifting of long overlooked junk has now spread to our most prized possessions! All of my old shoes, clothes and motor magazines have disappeared to the highest bidder … all without my knowledge or permission! While admittedly the $500 or so will be very useful on the trip, I wonder if we will still be on speaking terms by then. Her argument is that if she did ask me for my permission we’d never sell anything. Okay, I am a bit of a hoarder and some of the things I haven’t looked at in years but they are still my things … right?

Ultimately, if you own something it is yours to do exactly as you wish with – no ifs, and, buts or maybes! I know extra money is always useful on a trip but it should always be your decision if, and when, to sell anything. Maybe communication is the biggest issue here. Why not use the 12-month rule? If you haven’t used it in 12 months, then let your wife get rid of it. Also how much money do you need? If you are desperate for cash you may have to relent and be more ruthless with your decision making. Maybe you could agree on a sum that you need and each sell some goods until the figure is reached. Happy eBaying.

You admit it yourself … you’re a hoarder! Would anything be sold if it was left to you? Sometimes we need to be ruthless otherwise the dollars will not come rolling in. I am sure your wife knows that – if you haven’t looked at something for years – you don’t really need it. I have known many hoarders over the years and deep down they tend to appreciate the tough love approach of someone who clears out the closet. You may even feel liberated from a lifetime of clutter and be happier as a result. Think of the money and the new experiences you can have rather than dwelling in the past. Clear that clutter.



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