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Do I really need a computer to travel?
Do I really need a computer to travel?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

I am a self-confessed ‘technophobe’ but I get more nagged about why I haven’t got this or that device than I did before I headed off. I’m sick of condescending people telling me how easy it is to use emails and to attach photos. I’m sure I could work it out if I wanted to … but I don’t! Now hubby is suddenly hassling me to get an e-book reader because he reckons my books are putting a strain on the van’s axles! What’s so terrible about ‘old-fashioned’ letter writing and book reading? And I don’t want a ‘sat nav’ instead of a map, or a reversing camera instead of a mirror, and I want to keep a private diary not a public blog. Who is going mad … me, or the rest of the world?


Oh, dear Helen. I don’t know what to say! I certainly don’t think you’re going mad but I do think it is important to open your mind to the possibilities around you. The fact that you became a grey nomad in the first place proves you are no stick-in-the-mud. However, those who are encouraging you to try technology are doing so because they know how much easier it could make your life. Sometimes, when you read a good book or see a good movie you just want to share it with someone you care about. This is the same. Meet the rest of the world halfway, Helen, and at least give technology a chance. At the very least it will get the ‘tech enthusiasts’ off your back and you might be pleasantly surprised!


Hooray! Finally, someone who can see that the emperor has no clothes on! Yes, the boffins are all very clever inventing this and that, but are people really any happier with their Ipads, Ipods and solar-powered wotsits than they were before? I’m like you, Helen. When I’m travelling, I want to get away from it all … I don’t want to be bombarded by emails every five minutes. And, do you know what? I preferred crossing the Nullarbor before they bitumened it, I liked black-and-white television better than colour, and I know my mum used to miss going to the well to fetch water. It’s not us, Helen. It’s everybody else. Stick to your guns, girl.


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