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Jaclyn and Heidi talk about privacy for grey nomads
'Bill, the couple in Site 49 haven't washed up yet!'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
I’m not an anti-social traveller but I do have a bit of a ‘thing’ about having other people inside my van. My question is – how do I keep people from wanting to invade my private space without appearing rude or unfriendly? We have what you might call quite a ‘smicky’ van and fellow travellers are always hinting that they would love to look inside. And, when we get invited inside other people’s rigs for a drink, I feel there is some sort of pressure to reciprocate. It’s not like we live like pigs or anything but we don’t always get to the washing up straight away, and the odd dirty sock is left lying around. We are on holiday, after all! I am happy to have people join us under our awning, but we feel the van is our own private sanctuary. Are we unusual?

Please don’t feel you are alone in this, Veronica … and it is doesn’t just affect people on the road, either. Even for house dwellers, there is nothing worse than getting a surprise visit to your ‘lived-in’ home from a super houseproud neighbour. I guess most grey nomads can’t pull the handy, old ‘oh, those messy kids’ excuse but they can perhaps count on a bit more under­standing from fellow travellers who also understand what it’s like to live in a confined space, whether it be in a caravan, motorhome or camper trailer. I think you will be surprised by how little interest people have in the tidiness of your van when compared to the stories you can share, and the advice you can offer. Don’t worry so much about what others might think, Veronica. Just relax and enjoy.

Jeepers, Veronica. It’s your van, do what you like! There is no great grey nomad rule about ‘van inviting’ etiquette. If you don’t want people to poke about in your van because you like to have your own private space, then keep the door closed. Easy! You don’t need to justify yourself or explain yourself. If, on the other hand, you secretly do want to invite people in to your van but don’t because you are ashamed of a stray smelly sock or dirty dishes, then you’ve got two choices. One: toughen up. If people are going to judge you because you don’t put as high a priority on ‘housework’ as they do, then they are not worth knowing anyway. Two: Kick the sock under the bed and throw a big tea towel over the dirty dishes. It works for me!



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