‘I miss the UK drizzle’

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Grey nomad misses British drizzle
I miss a rain-soaked country

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

I’ve been travelling Australia with by husband for the past six months. I have enjoyed it a lot but can’t help wondering if there something more to life than this. I migrated here from England 40 years ago when I met Tony. I love it here but the older I get the more I think about the castles, the history, the green fields and, yes, the grey drizzly skies I grew up with. I know Australia is a big and varied country but the accents are pretty similar everywhere, the beaches are beautiful but ‘samey’ , and the skies are blue, blue, blue! We’ve got the cash but Tony wouldn’t go the UK for all the tea in China. He reckons this is God’s country and wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else?

An interesting one. I have heard before about long-term migrants who slowly get more homesick, if that’s the right word, as they get older. I’m guessing your ‘skies are too blue’ comments won’t make you too many friends but I think I understand … up to a point! We all have fond childhood memories and it must be hard being away from your homeland for so long. If Tony won’t go with you, why not take a trip back ‘home’ on your own? I wouldn’t be surprised if, after a few weeks of drizzly grey skies, you longed to be enjoying happy hours in our sunburnt country once again.

Boo, hoo! Poor Victoria misses the rain and the castles. Our magnificent country with its idyllic beaches, majestic mountain ranges, wonderful wildlife and ever-hospitable people aren’t good enough for Little Mrs Special. Gosh, isn’t life cruel to poor pampered Pommie princesses like you? You now live in the greatest country in the world, you’ve got pots of cash, your husband hasn’t twigged what a whingeing nightmare you are … and you want more! While 99.9% of the planet’s population would give their eye teeth to be in your position, your self-indulgence will no doubt spoil what should have been a joyous experience for your poor hubby. Count your lucky stars Victoria and start appreciating the sunsets or go buy yourself a one-way plane ticket to disappointment.



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