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Grey nomad is a campfire bore
Jim just seems so dull compared to all the other campfire 'entertainers'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
I want to start off by stating clearly that I love my husband dearly. However, I also have to admit that constantly meeting new and interesting people is helping me to see him in a dif­ferent light. In the three months since we left Sydney, we have shared drinks and laughs with hundreds of fun and interest­ing people. My Jim has always been a confident, blustery sort of fellow but I can’t help but notice how relatively dull he seems compared to some other men on the road. They all seem to be so competent and are able to talk so knowledgably about everything from fixing broken axles to the budget deficit. And they are so affectionate to their wives. Until retiring last year, Jim worked in the same office that he had done since I mar­ried him 44 years ago. What’s happening to me?

What is happening to you, Jasmine, is that you are broad­ening your horizons and em­bracing an exciting new stage of your life. Don’t be fright­ened, be excited. Of course, it might have been easier to have stayed home and tended the roses in your garden … but that’s not who you are! And it’s not who Jim is, either. It took courage for you both to burst free from what seems to have been a fairly traditional life. I’m not sure if you’re thinking you might be on the brink of running off with the tall, grey-haired stranger from site 62 but I strongly suspect that you won’t be. It’s a lot easier to being entertaining for one night around a campfire than it is to be a loyal husband and steady provider for 44 years! Talk to Jim. See how he’s feel­ing. Share this amazing adven­ture with the love of your life, Jasmine.

I’d like to know where you are finding all of these charming, thoughtful, intelligent grey nomad men, Jasmine. They certainly haven’t been at the Happy Hour gatherings I’ve been to recently! Look, if some grey nomad ‘hunk’ has managed to cast his spell over you by talking about broken axles and budget deficits, then you’ve got problems. These two subjects are pretty much guaranteed to send most women sprinting for the sanctuary of the van! It sounds like your massive lifestyle change has sent your head spinning. It’s great you’re feeling like a teenager again, Jasmine, but don’t confuse harmless fantasies with reality. Have you thought that Jim might be looking at you in a different way, too? How inter­esting are you? Find how this lifestyle can re-invigorate your relationship, not destroy it.



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