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Grey nomad buys a lemon of a caravan
"Aaaaarggghhh! What have I done?"

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
Help. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I have made the biggest mistake of my life. My wife Alice and I have been on the road for nearly three weeks and I just know that I have bought the wrong caravan for what we want. I can see that this is the life for us but this certainly isn’t the van for us. I did stacks of research but I know in my heart that I have bought a lemon. The more I look the more I can see that the previous owners haven’t maintained it properly and have botched up certain repair jobs. I can see damp patches around the window and yesterday I saw a cockroach racing around the kitchen! Plus, it’s too small, I paid too much, and it won’t be suitable for the tracks I want to take. What have I done?

What you’ve done Bob is what millions of people dream of doing but very few actually do. What you’ve done is get off your backside and make something wonderful happen. What you have done is actually pretty amazing. Look out of the van window at whatever beauty spot you are parked at and give yourself a pat on the back. Ask any grey nomad or anybody else if they have ever made a mistake and they will all say “yes!” … and most of them would be an awful lot bigger than thinking they had bought the wrong van. Look for what’s right with what you have done, not for what’s wrong. When – and if – your trip ever ends, you’ll remember the places you visited and the people you met, not the comforts or otherwise of your van. Just enjoy.

Pretty simple fix, Bob. Pull into the next decent-sized town and put the turkey on the market. You’ve already learned what you need to know. Why suffer for a few more months before you remedy the situation? It’s the same whether you are buying a car, a house or a dog. You know when you’ve got it wrong and no amount of reassurance from other people can convince you otherwise. In the end, its doesn’t matter if you’ve actually got a bad deal or not. You think you’ve got a bad deal and so you won’t ever be happy in your van. Life is too short for your dream trip to be spoiled over the possible loss of a thousand dollars or two. Bite the bullet, take a financial hit, and get the van you want … you’ll be glad you did.


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