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Grey nomads argue over Happy Hour beers
My round again!

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
Now, I’m a nice guy but I’m fed up with my Happy Hours being turned into very unhappy ‘many hours’ by a tight-fisted, beer-guzzling, so-called mate! We met Dave and Janice near Margaret River and have been travelling with them since Feb­ruary. They’re great fun and the missus gets on with Janice like a house on fire. The problem is, when we socialise at their van, I take a six pack and Dave drinks one of his own and four of mine … and it’s a short even­ing! But when they come to our van, he quickly guzzles the two beers he brings and then works his way through my well-stocked fridge. Now, I’m not short of a few bob and, at first, I let it go but it’s beginning to get under my skin. Does he see me as a chance for a free drink?

You don’t mention whether this ‘sponging’ behaviour is just a ‘beer thing’ or whether it’s more widespread than that. You don’t mention either if Dave and Janice are on a tight budget. Many grey nomads budget just for basic living and fuel … and view alcohol as a rare treat. Perhaps Dave is just too proud to say that he can’t afford beers every night as you appear able to do. Having said that, there’s not really an excuse for him drinking more of your beer than you do! It might be too delicate to bring it up with Dave directly but why not ask your wife to have a quiet word with Janice. She probably hasn’t even noticed and would be mortified if she knew. Whatever way you look at it though, Gerard, Happy Hours won’t be quite the same again for the four of you.

Be careful, or you’ll never get rid of these two freeloaders. They know when they’re onto a good thing … and you’re it! I bet you end up doing most of the cooking and cleanng, as well, don’t you? And, would you believe it, you were at Mammoth Cave and Dave realised he had forgotten his wallet so you paid for entry. But it’s all okay, isn’t it because Dave and Janice are so much fun and so cheerful? Well, we’d all be cheerful if we had a ‘sugar grey nomad’ financing our adventures. In terms of the beer at Happy Hour. If it hap­pened once it could be a lack of planning, twice might be a silly mistake, but any more than that is just mickey-taking. Kick these two into touch Gerard and get yourself some real friends!


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