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Grey nomads travellig too fast
Help - our trip is a blur!

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

I think my husband thinks doing the Big Lap is actually a race. We have been travelling for less than four months and we have clocked up something like 35,000 kilometres. Jim always thinks there is a great camping spot ‘just a little bit further on’ and always says he wants to geta ‘few more kilometres under his belt’ before we stop for the night. We have yet to spend more than two nights in one camp and I am getting dizzy. Jim had quite a stressful, high-powered job and I don’t think he has worked out how to relax yet. The crazy thing is we are not on a tight budget and we are travelling indefinitely. There is no need to rush. Help!


Your problem isn’t as unusual as you might think, Marion. It does take time for people to adjust to the pace of the grey nomad lifestyle. I bet Jim has only recently retired and so he is probably over-compensating for his perceived loss of ‘life purpose’. You should try to tell him how you feel but, ultimately, you need to show understanding. As you mentioned he has worked hard all his life in a stressful job and is just a bit slower than most at learning how to relax. Count your blessings, Marion. You are getting to see the country, you are travelling in a luxury motorhome and you don’t have to worry about the budget. Look for the positives rather than the negatives.


Did you say 35,000 kilometres in four months! Marion that is crazy. Forget his foolish man pride and put the brakes on this madness NOW! He may want to take his own sweet time to adapt to retirement but you shouldn’t have to glug bottles of motion sickness tablets while he does it. His self-indulgent ‘crisis’ is basically ruining your trip of a lifetime. There is clearly no getting through to Mr-I-don’tfeel-as-important-as-I-didwhen-I-worked-so-I’m-having-a-meltdown, so I strongly suggest you should toss the motorhome keys down the drop toilet or take a cricket bat to the engine. It’s time to end this turbo-charged endurance tour and to start enjoying the leisurely life.



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