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Monica regrets giving her contact details to some overly-keen nomad 'friends'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

My husband and I feel like we’re being ‘stalked’ by a couple of overly friendly grey nomads. We first met this pair at the Devil’s Marbles a year ago. They were pleasant enough and, after a nice evening together, we exchanged contact details and discussed travel plans. That, we thought, was that. However, we saw them again at Mataranka, Litchfield, and then in our favourite Darwin van park. They were delighted at these ‘coincidences’ but – for Tony and I – the novelty soon wore off. We finally shook them off six months ago but have just got a text saying they want to join us here in Margaret River. We’re dreading another series of ‘coincidences’ blighting our trip up the west coast. What can we do?

Oh dear, Monica. There are always people who don’t respect other’s boundaries but it must be really annoying when it ‘blights’ the trip of a lifetime. I understand you don’t want to upset these people by being too direct with them … but you can simply stop revealing details of your future travel plans. Tell them you have become more spontaneous and don’t know where you will be that night, let alone next week or next month. Is it bad enough that it is worth changing your phone number? A more subtle, longer term plan would be to make new friends and then introduce them to this couple. Perhaps, this would provide them with new objects of affection and let you off the hook. Good luck.

If you don’t want this pair of ‘saddos’ turning your evenings into yawnfeststs, just tell them to back off, Monica. And if telling the truth is a bit too scary for you, try lying! There’s a hundred and one ways to do it. Pretend you’ve got a highly contagious disease or you’re undercover police officers looking into grey nomad tax irregularities. Easy peasy, Monica! But goodness knows why you need my help to do something as simple as getting rid of these unwanted ‘tagalongs’. Maybe you and Tony aren’t quite the ‘characters’ you seem to think you are! Maybe you’re not exactly cracking company around the campfire yourselves. Do you find ‘interesting’ people tend not to want your number, Monica?


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