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Jaclyn and Heidi
'What shall we do about sad Peaches?'

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

My wife Alanna and I love socialising, love seeing the country, love taking bushwalks … and basically love life on the road. The problem we have is that the other member of our family, Peaches the Fox Terrier, doesn’t. In fact, she hates it! She whines every kilometre of every journey and her little face seems to drop every time we stop and it isn’t ‘home’! Her sad eyes show us how she feels. When we leave her in the van for a few hours while we enjoy Happy Hour or visit a national park, she chews the furnishings and she never used to do that stuff. We want our old swaggering, happy Peaches back, but we’re not really ready to end our on-the-road adventures. What can we do?

I sympathise, Jason. How can you enjoy your grand adven­ture when ‘someone’ you love so dearly clearly isn’t. You haven’t given many details of your dog’s personality but Fox Terriers in general need a lot of exercise and plenty of stimula­tion. Try stopping more during a journey and travel less kilo­metres in a day. Always try to find a place where Peaches can be let off leash in a safe, con­tained environment. Travelling with a dog requires adjustments and, to some extent, it requires sacrifices. You probably need to spend more time thinking about how you can shape the trip to fulfil Peaches’ needs, as well as your own. You’ll get there though, Jason.

No brainer, guys. Peaches was obviously a great dog for you when you lived at ‘home’. You were happy, she was happy. Now it sounds like pampered Peaches isn’t happy with life in the Great Outdoors or, perhaps more accurately as she’s locked up in the van while you guys guzzle more wine at another Happy Hour gathering, the Great Indoors. The lifestyle you want and the lifestyle she wants are no longer a perfect fit. Spare me the overly senti­mental ‘ohhh but she’s got such cute eyes’ nonsense and cut her loose. Bottom line, she’s a dog with a relatively tiny brain and you’re a human at the top of the food chain. Let family or friends ‘at home’ look after her while you whoop it up, or do yourselves – and Peaches – a favour and advertise you’ve got a Foxie to give away.


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