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Caravans heads Outback camping
Grey nomads on long and winding road

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
My husband and I have been on the road full-time for the past seven years and can’t re­ally imagine living any other way. Having said that, we are both in our mid to late seven­ties and are increasingly aware that, however much we would like to, we can’t do this forever. So, how do we know when to stop? We have got all the little aches and pains you would ex­pect from people our age but we are both relatively fit and well. I just don’t want either Tom or myself to suddenly collapse and die somewhere in the Outback and for everyone to say: “what were those silly old fools doing out there?” My daughter has a beautiful Granny flat that she is always urging us to move into … but I worry that once we stop, we might never start again.

It’s a difficult task to strike the right balance sometimes and it’s a decision you obvi­ously don’t want to get wrong. It sounds as if your family is starting to worry about you out there in the big, wide world, despite the fact that you are obviously very experienced. How do veteran nomads know when they are about to embark on a Big Lap too far? I guess they don’t until it is too late! Listen to your bodies, listen to your family, and listen to your doctors, but also listen to your heart. If you have a ready-made home base waiting for you, it really doesn’t have to be a case of ‘all or nothing’. Why not just try Granny flat living and still take shorter trips of a month or two. Good luck, Hannah, whatever you decide.

Easy. You love travelling. You and hubby are healthy enough and wealthy enough to keep travelling. Um, what’s the problem here, Hannah? Keep travelling! It’s lovely your daughter has got a Granny flat lined up for you. Could be a great spot to drop in to for the odd weekend so you can wash the red dust out of your hair. I’m guessing that any longer than that and that the walls would start closing in around you. I’m sure your daughter worries about her ‘crazy’ adventurous parents but remember when she was 15 and sneaked off to that all-night party! What goes around comes around. Yes, you’ll have to stop some time but, for Goodness sake, don’t rush to do it. Mid seventies! Holey moley, you’re a spring chicken, Hannah. Drop me a line in a couple of decades, will you?


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