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Comfortable bed
Traded the van for a comfortable bed

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,

I have just finished a three-month housesitting stint at a property in New South Wales. I loved where I was staying and it was also fantastic to sleep in a real bed after more than two years living in my pop-top caravan. Having said that, I am delighted to be back out on the road again living the dream and having the freedom to go where I want when I want. This may seem silly but I am now a bit worried that I am a grey nomad ‘cheat’. When people ask me how long I have been travelling, should I say “one week” or “two-and-a-bit years”? In other words, does the fact that I have taken a break from travelling mean that my grey nomad ‘odomoter’ starts from zero?

It doesn’t matter what you say to anyone, Tony. Your story is your story. There is no great grey nomad judge sitting up there deciding how ‘pure’ your adventure has been in terms of nights spent in a real bed. Grey nomads come in all shapes and sizes. Some travel full-time for decades, others just get away for a few weeks here and there. Some travel in luxurious monster rigs, others in far more modest vehicles. One isn’t more worthy of the grey nomad tag than the other. Forget about labels, Tony, and just concentrate on enjoying each and every day. This is your trip, no one else’s.


Tony, Tony, Tony. When you succumbed to the lure of soft pillows and satin sheets, I am afraid you sold your grey nomad soul to the conventional lifestyle devil. As far as I’m concerned, the housesitter, petsitter or “I’m-just-staying-with-friends-for-a-few-days” brigade are all frauds. Being a ‘proper’ grey nomad is a 24-hour a day, seven-days-a-week, 12-months-a-year occupation and if you’re bed ain’t on wheels or on the ground, then you ain’t one of us! Having said that, the two years you travelled before you succumbed to temptation wasn’t a bad effort. Maybe you should make the most of your aberration by enjoying a few more days of real bed luxury before you start the ‘days on the road’ clock running again. Sleep well, Tony.


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