Is this the future? Winnebago unveils its all-electric, zero-emission RV!

While many grey nomads remain unconvinced by the long-term Big Lap potential offered by electric vehicles, it seems those in the industry don’t share those doubts.

Over in the US,  American lifestyle product manufacturer, Winnebago, has unveiled a fully-operational prototype of its all-electric, zero-emission RV.

The vehicle, known as the eRV2, went on display at the Florida RV SuperShow in the US and attracted a lot of interest.

The company says the eRV2 is the most advanced all-electric, zero-emission RV … and it builds on Winnebago’s original eRV concept vehicle, which debuted at the same event last year.

Winnebago developed the eRV2 in response to growing demand for more sustainable forms of road travel and engaged consumers throughout its production.

“Our primary goal in building the eRV2 was to help people comfortably explore the world around them with less environmental impact,” said Huw Bower, president of the Winnebago brand. “The user experience was at the heart of this prototype’s development, through the early days of market research and even now as it goes through field testing.”

The company says the eRV2 demonstrates its commitment to continuously evolve with the changing needs of consumers.

Winnebago says the eRV2 is America’s first all-electric, zero-emission motorhome prototype. It says its key features and benefits are:

  • The electric RV is well fitted out inside. PIC: Winnebago

    Both the powertrain and the house systems are powered by electricity, allowing for silent and environmentally responsible travel, and up to seven days of off-grid camping, aided in part by 900-Watt solar capacity. It’s built on a Ford E-Transit chassis, which promises both a powerful torque and smooth handling. The current generation of this chassis has a published range of 173 kilometres. Winnebago is actively pursuing range extension opportunities to incorporate into a future commercial version.

  • Winnebago partnered with Lithionics Battery to create a proprietary IonBlade lithium house battery which is the most powerful, compact and safe lithium battery system available today. It features a 48V system with more than 15,000 usable watt-hours, and a unique thin lay-flat design stored beneath the floor to maximize interior space.
  • The eRV2 is sustainably designed to further reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Recycled materials are used extensively throughout the interior, including in the flooring, removable floor mats, WinnSleep mattress system, and trimming around the window frames.
  • Cab seat coverings are made with renewable plant-based materials. Acrylic countertops are made from biodegradable materials. Unique broad colour-spectrum lighting allows users to customise the interior lights from white to red, which helps to reduce light pollution and negative effects on native flora and fauna.
  • It’s built for maximum comfort and convenience, centred on modern user needs.
  • The eRV2 interior is inspired by modern Japandi principles, a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design that creates a clean, calm and multi-functional environment.
    This includes a five-in-one sleep/lounge and two adaptable workspaces with built-in charge points and a high-speed Wi-Fi router for optimal data streaming.
  • Finally, the eRV2 is connected. The proprietary Winnebago Connect system allows users to easily monitor and control the vehicle’s electrical and energy management systems using a display inside the vehicle or an intuitive app.


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