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Ann and Keith love their spacious van

Ann, 65, & Keith, 66, had a taste of freedom and found themselves hungry for more … so they sold their Wollongong home and hit the open road!

What do you travel in?
Our Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 litre diesel 2010 model tows a 25’ Jayco Heritage with ensuite. It’s our home away from home, and we both love the space and room that the van provides.

Where do you camp?
We love finding free camps and meeting many of our fellow travellers doing the same as us … which is being out on the road and enjoying lfe.

Likes of the lifestyle?
We love the freedom of the lifestyle, being able to move on when we want to, and go where we wish.

Have you adapted your plans?
Yes, when we sold up, our intention was to travel for a year or two before purchasing another home. After tasting the freedom of our lifestyle, we both feel we will not return to live in a large town or city and that maybe we should buy a ru­ral property or just some land and build a large shed on it.

Favourite on-the-road meal?
Without a doubt it’s camp cooking. It’s easy to prepare and you can enjoy the atmos­phere of being around the fire with other campers.

Do you keep a journal?
In a way. Every day, I’m on Facebook to tell our family and friends what we’ve been up to and where we’ve been, includ­ing photos taken.

We read, and do crosswords. I’m trying to get Ann to take up painting, it’s something she would like to do, but as yet not got around to it … maybe next year?

Do you work as you travel?
For me no, I felt that working for 50 years I’ve done my bit, although Ann is a ladies’ hair­dresser and sometimes she’s asked to get out her scissors!

What do you have to have?
I suppose my computer, cam­era, Kindle, generator, mobile solar panel, our twin tub washing machine, and Ann’s hairdryer.

Favourite place to camp?
We loved Seaforth and Home Hill Showground. The people there treated you like family and it was difficult to leave.

Scariest nomad experience?
I was in Outback Queensland and needed fuel. I turned up at the diesel pump and saw it was $1.84 a litre. THAT was scary… ha ha! No, we haven’t encoun­ter anything that was scary or something we couldn’t handle.

Advice to wannabe nomads?
Our advice is to get out there, enjoy this beautiful country and all your friends you are about to meet. If you are not sure of something, ask. Be­cause, believe me, whatever it is that’s causing you some concern, there is someone out there that has dealt with the is­sue and can advise. We are one big family. Come and join us!



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