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Barb and Darryl, both 55, from Victoria Point, Qld have plans to see more

What rig do you travel in?
We have a Billabong GottaGo Off-Road van with two solar panels on the roof, three batteries in the boot and an inverter to power most things. We wanted a van that would allow us to do the tracks like the Gibb River Road, the Tanami, The Strzelecki and the Oodnadatta.

How long do your trips last?
Up until we started our current journey – our longest trip was 4 1/2months. We are not expecting to finish this trip before November, which will eight months in total.

Where do you like to camp?
We prefer bush camps or free camps as it helps with our finances and some spots are just absolutely gorgeous. We currently have our 12-year-old dog with us which rules out most (not all) national parks.

Dislikes of the lifestyle?
We miss the grandchildren greatly but, when in range, we are able to Skype them and SEE them at the same time.
What are your plans?
We have come to realise that there are just TOO many places to see and we will be very lucky if we get to see them. We are currently doing ‘the BIG one’ and then we will do more trips to fill in the missing parts of the states. We will continue to travel as long as our health stays with us and we have someone who will care for our home.

On-the-road hobbies?
I do patchwork, embroidery, machine sewing, card making amongst many other crafts – but there are only so many that will fit into the van without weighing it down too much. Darryl loves to read and to fish. We are always trying to find places for him to wet his line.

Favourite place to camp?
The Gibb River Road has been fascinating and there are lots of gorges we would have loved to see – if we didn’t have our pooch with us. We loved the Barossa Valley; Katherine; ‘The Corner Country’ of NSW/QLD/SA; Lake Argyle; White Cliffs; Gold Coast hinterland. There are so many places that have their own magic.

Scariest experience?
When we travelled last year down the Darling River Run and lost control of the van on the slightly damp road. We were only doing about 40km/h but it was red clay and became slippery very quickly. We learnt that, as soon as it starts to sprinkle, pull over and wait until the road dries.


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