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Grey nomad free camping
Geoff shows why he loves free camping

Retirees Geoff C and wife Lal are seizing the opportunity to do more free camping … and take longer trips 

What do you travel in?
Our rig is called Towed Hall. It’s a 12’ Millard which we bought new, but is now three years old. It has a picture of Toad, Ratty and Moley on the back along with toad’s caravan … a present from our sons, a la the Wind in the Willows!

Why does it suit?
We chose a tiny van because we want to be outside as much as possible. We had an external kitchen put in so we could achieve this! It has a queen-size bed and tiny kitchen and sitting space with a back entrance. In hindsight, a side opening would have been better but what we have is fine. Another reason we chose such a small one was that we had Subaru Forester with only a 1.5 towing capacity. We have since bought  a diesel Kia Sorento that has a 2.8 towing capability. Much more sensible. Prior to this we have had a variety of campers; a VW Kombi and a couple of camping trailers.

Any pets?
We travel with Mac, our 11-year-old Spoodle!

How long are your trips?

Grey nomad chacters wind in the willows

Wind in the Willows … and wind in their hair

Geoff has recently retired and I chose to, as well! This has made it possible for us to go on longer trips. This current one is seven weeks. Some health issues meant we were a bit restricted in time. We have just travelled from Sydney to Cooktown and Cape Tribulation via the inland route via St George, Emerald etc to Townsville and further north. We are absolutely loving it and wish we had more time! I have even been lucky enough to see a playtpus.

Likes of the lifestyle?
We have met some wonderful people and love free camping. Mt Carbine has been our favourite paying site so far. It was an old mining camp.  Robert and his wife Jennifer are delightful and very knowledgeable.

Future plans?
Next year we plan to take months to travel up the centre to Darwin, then down Western Australia and back across the Nullarbor!

Hobbies of the road?
Birdwatching, photography … especially of birds and beautiful places, sunsets etc – although Geoff says photography is a bit of an elevated description for what we do! We also enjoy reading, walking, poring over maps and I like a bit of craft.




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